Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Snow Storm in New Hampshire.... We HOPE!!!

We took Nicholas out to play in the snow today and he loved it. It is a lot more fun to play in it when they're walking! He had difficulty walking in his infant snow suit, and took a dive face first, but didn't mind the cold at all. When I took him inside he stood by our sliding glass door begging to go out for more fun, especially seeing Dad outside shoveling. So, I changed him into something better for walking. If we were staying in NH, I would have gotten him a bigger snow suit, but we're not! We'll be happy to be moving to a place where we will be excited about snow again, although, at Nicholas' age I guess it's always exciting to play in the snow!
Seriously though, we have not seen the grass since November. Before and after his dive!

Playing with Dad, first and second round...

Of course, we needed some warm chocolate chip cookies afterward!

Here is video of Nicholas walking up the driveway, and discovering a "whole new world!"