Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween WEEK!!!

Yes, that's right! I said Halloween week! I guess when the kids get to a certain age every holiday becomes a week full of festivities. Here is a picture of our fun week! Boy, kids really get you back into the spirit of a holiday!

Painting a pumpkin day!

So proud of his work!

Skeleton boy at his tyke yoga class.

Ahh, Zen!

Daddy attended this special Halloween yoga class. Nicholas is getting wrapped like a burrito by Daddy!

Christian looking cute in his skull pj's!

Nicholas getting a pre-Halloween treat!

Pumpkin carving day, Nicholas did not like the slimy feeling of the inside of a pumpkin.

He likes it better when Daddy takes over!

And the finished jack-o-lantern!

Halloween morning, so excited!

The skeleton and giraffe!

Tessa, the Owl; Ruby, the Peacock; Christian, the giraffe; and Nicholas the skeleton trick or treating at Whole Foods for some healthy(ier) treats.

and later Halloween night trick or treating in the neighborhood!

Christian began to crawl about a week ago and a few days later he began to pull himself to stand along furniture. Wow, he is growing up too quickly! Slow down, I want to hold on to a baby forever!

Here is a video of him crawling today. You can hear Mimi reading Nicholas a book in the background!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nicholas' First Field Trip!

Nicholas started preschool in September. He goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:10 - 11:20 (funny start and end time!) He seems to be doing great! I think I have a harder time with it them him, just not knowing what my boy does for two whole hours without me! The last time I dropped him off he said, "OK, bye Mommy!" (In other words; go mommy, you're lingering too long.) This past week Nicholas had his first field trip to Jubilee Farm in Carnation, WA. It was in the mountains east of us and took about 35 minutes to get to. It was so much fun to see how much the preschoolers enjoyed the animals, tractors ride, and pumpkin patch!

Classmates: Bodhi, Roman, and Izzie

Me, Christian and Nicholas. Christian is going to wonder what I was thinking one day when he sees himself wearing a pink bunting suit! I left mine right by the front door, forgetting to grab it as we headed out the door. I'm so thankful I could borrow one, regardless of color, because at least he was warm in the chilly mountains! He was dead asleep in this picture!

Nicholas pondering which pumpkin to pick.

The kids favorite attraction, the tractor ride!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running in the Blood

A few weeks ago Nicholas participated in his 1st race. Anyone who knows Nicholas knows that he loves to run so I thought it would be perfect for him! It was a 1k kids run at the Salmon Days festival. Well, maybe a 1k was a little too ambitious for his first race, a 100 yard dash probably would have been more appropriate! He started out running as though it was a 100 yard dash, fell, cried, got carried, walked, but we finished out the race running again. Overall, it was a fun experience.

Pre-race snack

Nicholas' friend Kayda participated as well!

Ready, set, go... Nicholas started the race sprinting like a mad man.

Finishing strong...

Getting ready to cross the finish line!

Nicholas loves getting fed by his girlfriends!

Hurray! We did it!

Bonus: Train ride at the festival after the run!

And the shuttle back to the car!

Who knows, maybe Nicholas will be a national record holding, all star runner like his Uncle Christian!!! (Shameless plug to my brother, whom I love so much :)!) I think Nicholas was so into doing the race because he and Christian spent a great deal of time in the stroller with me this summer as I trained for a 10k run that I participated in this past September. His famous line to me was always, "run faster Mommy!"

After the Iron Girl 10k with my training partner, Erin.

Erin's daughter and Nicholas' friend, India, came to cheer us on that day. Her sign says "Go Mommy" and she put an extra circle at the bottom for me!

On a side note, I can't believe Christian turned 7 months last week! He is doing the little army crawl and occasionally getting up to his hands and knees. He has also slept through the night the past week, let's hope he keeps it up!

He just LOVES watching his brother and Nicholas loves the attention, it's really cute!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simply BLESSED!!!

A few weeks ago we were so fortunate to be able to share Christian's baptism with those we love in Long Beach Island, NJ. Christian is most certainly our little blessing and it was THE perfect day! It meant so much to us that everyone came to meet Christian! I know he will grow up feeling all of the love that surrounds him from all of you! Thanks to everyone who shared in his special day! We spent the week down there and boy did we luck out with the most gorgeous weather! No surprise that Nicholas had the time of his life and continues to ask when we will go back to visit the beach again!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the trip.

The God Parents, my brother Christian and good friend Lisa.

Christian did not have a nap that morning so he fell asleep in my arms during the mass. He is asleep in most of the pictures. I guess the holy water over his head must have put him right to sleep!
Asleep with grandparents Pop and Mimi.

Grandparents Pop-pop and Mom-Mom

Uncle Christian and Grandpop Bob

Christian's delicious cake that he did not get to try.

Poor Christian, he wanted to dig in so badly! He'll have to wait another 6 months!

Cousin Audrey is ready for cake!

No cake for you, hold this napkin instead, haha! Christian and Aunt Patty

The McCaffrey-McFadden step siblings; haha, that kind of sounds weird to say!

Childhood friends, minus one who happened to have a baby the day before!

Big, strong Nicholas pulling his cousins.

Phew, tired now!

Blessed and fortunate to have gotten to spend so much time with the cousins!
Nicholas had a blast spending time with Lucas and Aiden!

Nicholas loved watching the big boys play!


Ahhh, beach time! Lucky for us, we had such perfect weather!

Getting ready to jump in the waves with Pop!

1 - 2 - 3 - Jump!

Christian actually didn't care too much for the cold water. It wasn't too bad once you got all the way in.

Feeling much better on the sand with Daddy!

After a long day at the beach!

I am simply blessed!

Snuggle time! (with Fin, but you can't see him in this shot)

Play time!

What's the shore with out ice cream treats?

Gorgeous day at the light house!

Nicholas made it all the way to the top of the light house.

Christian's first time on the swings, he loved it!

Chris says he looks like a little man in this picture. No, he wasn't really riding it all by himself, it was just a cute photo op.

Nicholas and Chris in Pop's fishing bike, again, another photo op. Nicholas didn't really get to ride it for long since we didn't have his helmet.

Nicholas' first kayak ride in the bay. Chris has been waiting years to take him on a boat!

Nicholas in his first life jacket!

So blessed that Christian got to spend time with so many people that love him!
Christian and Christian

He loves his Pop-pop!

Mimi and Christian

Mom-Mom and Christian

The best part of being around all of our family - babysitters!!!

Lucky for us (and everyone around us) the kids traveled great!