Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer 2011

It's the first week of October and I'm finally finished uploading pictures from the summer. We had an amazing summer filled with lots of travel, fun, sun, hiking, family, and plenty of swimming!

Here is a mega picture upload of summer!

Little readers on our way to Portland for the weekend to visit friends.

Check out this video of the boys entertaining themselves on the way down!

I've mentioned before, Discovery Park is one of my favorite places in Seattle, play is endlless there! Nicholas with his friends on the stone wall overlooking the Puget Sound.

Running through the meadow!

Really, who needs playgrounds when you have this?!

We had our share of hot days and summer treats, Nicholas shares a snocone with his buddy!

Mmm mmm mmm, gelato!

Chris and I took an amazing trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. Thanks for watching the kids Mom! It was a fun, action packed trip and and an absolutely beautiful back drop. View from our 8 mile hike!

Chris surfing off of the boat's wake.

White water rafting, I am front and center, the worst spot to get soaked, and nothing to hold on too. I continued to fall back the entire ride, but thought it would be the best spot since I didn't have to paddle, boy was I wrong! Chris is holding me up here and we are both screaming, good times:) We also got to take a guided fly fishing trip down the Salmon River, so much fun, and we both caught lots of fish!

Family hike, Nicholas leading the way, Christian on my back.

My little hiker stopping for a snack!

Chris and Nicholas camping out in the back yard one summer night! Nicholas was so excited, he loved it. We'll begin family camping next summer when Christian is a little older.

I peeked in about 9pm...they were both out like a light!

Last but not least, our family vacation to Long Beach Island, NJ and Philly. Me and the boys on the bay.
Blowing bubbles on the deck with Mom-Mom.

Nicholas favorite thing to do? Relax on the chase lounge with Mom-mom every day!

Christian's favorite thing? The beach!

Busy working!

Everyone's happy on the beach, right?!

We also got to meet our new cousin, Conner, born in April.

and play with Tyler!

Christian feeding Pop his favorite fruit, blueberries!

Ice cream sundae night with the cousins!

Pulling his brother in the wagon.

And getting pulled in the wagon!

So happy my Dad was even able to pop in for a visit!

Daddy teaching him early!

Crabbing and fishing with the boys!

Cousins, GG's 5 Great-Grandson's (Minus Conner).

Kayaking in the bay with Pop!

In Philly, celebrating my step-sis's wedding with Chris and my mom
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Baselice!

Spending our last day with "Meem" before heading back home.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nicholas' First Week of School

It's hard to believe the summer has come and gone and my little men are growing up too quickly. I have so many great pictures to share from this summer, but thought I would share a few quick photos from this past week. Nicholas loved his first week of school, it seems to be a really good fit. He even asked if I would email his teacher to tell her that he loved her. He was quite upset when he found out that he does not have school tomorrow. It seems that the school was a very warm and welcoming environment. I hope it's a great school year for Nicholas!!!

Here are a few pictures from Nicholas' first week. His teacher has sent an email updating us on each day and included two pictures of Nicholas.

All grown up on his first day!

Christian missed his brother all day long and continued to call "Nicky" throughout the morning.

Nicholas in the center playing with his new friends.

Nicholas on the floor in the striped shirt, busy at play!