Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Christmas Cheer

Still fully in the holiday spirit, I thought I'd catch you up on more.  Nicholas favorite movie, Christmas character, and song this year happens to be Rudolph.  You should hear how loudly he sings the song!  Christian happened to make a reindeer at the art sensory class we go to, and I knew as soon as Nicholas got home from school and saw it that he would want to make one too.  Luckily, the teacher gave me an extra nose and set of eyes so that Nicholas could make one.  I should probably go to the craft store and keep things like this on hand, as Nicholas has been a little crafter lately.  

Nicholas' Ruldolph involved a foot and hand print.  Nicholas enjoyed getting his feet tickled with paint.
Next, his hand.
Add some sparkles...

So proud, and as you can see, a full body experience.  Nicholas is trying to master the open eyed smile!  
Here's Christian's version.  He picked a green nose.  I actually like his better because of his wide hands and feet.  Cute idea!
Garden of Lights show at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens
So festive and fun for the kids!

Well, Santa has sent the boys there messages from the North Pole again this year.  Nicholas asks to see both he and Christian's every day.  I feel a bit guilty, but I have two versions for Nicholas, a nice and naughty version.  I have not had to use the naughty version yet, but have it in my back pocket just in case!

Click here for Nicholas' message from Santa.

Click here for Christian's message from Santa

Click here for Nicholas' naught version.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis' the Season!


Christmas preparations and seasonal activities are well under way here at our house!  Nicholas' joy and excitement are contagious! So far our month has included a trip to the Christmas tree farm, a visit from Uncle Christian, a day of skiing, and decorating the gingerbread house. I have never seen a kid so delighted to decorate a Christmas tree or a gingerbread house, so fun!  Nicholas has been smiling and laughing all the way, "Ha Ha Ha!"

Nicholas and his friend Izzie make antlers at our city's tree lighting.
The boys in the wagon on the way to pick a tree!
What fun, we get a ride from Uncle Christian!
Thumbs up to this tree!
Family shot in front of "our tree."

Daddy cuts it down as the boys watch.
Uncle Christian and Nicholas standing next to the freshly cut tree!
Helping Daddy
What a helper!
I'm S T R O N G ! ! 
Nicholas showing off the decorated tree and his favorite ornament.
Christian getting ready for some fun in the snow.  He got to go snow tubing while big brother went skiing.
My first time skiing since before having Nicholas.  Chris and I were able to trade off little Christian so that we could both get in a few runs with my brother.
Uncle Christian getting ready for his first run down the mountain.
Nicholas practicing his ski stance on what the resort called "the magic carpet ride."  He took a one hour lesson and loved it!  I think he was really proud of himself.
Nicholas and Daddy at the conclusion of his lesson.  He still has a big smile on his face!

Nicholas and Daddy decorating the gingerbread house.    Nicholas has asked at least two dozen times when we can eat it, but Santa eats it, of course!
The finished gingerbread house.
I was able to catch the last 10 minutes of Nicholas' lesson.  I was impressed by his confidence!  Here are two videos from the last few minutes.  The first he collides right into another adult.  It was rather funny to see the adults slip sliding on the bunny hill.

The second is a bit shaky as I was walking with my ski boots on.