Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best Friends!

I love how the boys are starting to interact more and more! (And fight over toys more and more!!)

Playground buddies!

Beach buddies!

Playing buddies!

Snack buddies!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christian's 12 Month Update

Today was Christian's 12 month wellness visit. He is now 19 lbs 3 oz and is 30 in tall. He continues on the same growth pattern, long and lean. Big brother Nicholas was two pounds heavier at this time and one inch shorter. Christian is very social and really likes to "flirt." He has been walking since 10 months old and loves to walk around the house carrying and throwing balls. I still think he is our athlete! He is proud of himself and often walks up to you with something in his hand saying, "dis" (this.) He is "talking" all of the time and often mimicking sounds and words, but I believe "dis" is the only confirmed word he says. He does say dada as well and some would argue with me, but I think it is still without meaning. Christian is often mistaken for a girl, even if he is wearing green or blue or brown. But, I really take it as a compliment actually when strangers refer to him as "my daughter" because I think it is his pretty eyes and luscious lips!

Christian and Nicholas are beginning to play with each other more and more. I'm not sure what is it about boys, but Christian is a rough houser. He loves to wrestle his brother and although it can make me nervous, sometimes it' s cute. Check out him being the aggressor in the series of pictures below.

Christian's approach

Climbing on top of his brother to get thru...

Such determination!

While it may not show according to his weight, this boy can eat! He is also a very messy eater and always seems to want to rub his hands all over his face as he eats! The picture above is with him wearing avocado and black beans all over his face!

On a totally separate note, here are pictures from an unexpected February snow that I had been meaning to post.
Nicholas was so excited to wake up and find snow. He wanted to go out right at 8am.

Happy as can be!

Ok, so it wasn't that much snow! 3 inches at the most. This picture reminds me of when I was a child living in Greece. We got about an inch of snow and all of the schools were closed. It was my first time ever seeing snow and we built a mud snowman in the backyard. I guess the point is, kids love it wether it's a half inch or two feet!

If you did not read the post about Christian turning one, read the previous post. We had a great day celebrating Christian!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christian is ONE ! ! !

Well, that year flew by! We cannot believe Christian is one today! Our little boy made our family complete. He is such a happy addition to the family and really balances out some of our other cranky personalities! While life has become busier, crazier, and more hectic it is now also, the most joyful, fun, and rewarding. Nicholas has grown fond of life with Christian and is sometimes bothered if he goes out without him or takes a short ride in the car without his brother sitting next to him. I would be lying if I said life is a walk in the park with two boys, but it is truly fulfilling. We love you Christian, happy birthday! What a wonderful year it has been.

We celebrated Christian's first year with Mom-mom and Pop-pop who flew in from Philadelphia.

The cake: looks cute, but not that tasty. Should have made my year (maybe!)

Pop-pop and the birthday boy!


Daddy and Christian

Our baby! (or toddler, but forever our baby!!)

Chef Nicholas (carefully being monitored by Mom-mom) cutting pineapple.

Happy birthday to you!

"What's this?!?"

"Actually, YUCK!"
He wasn't that impressed with his first taste of sweets.

Nicholas received a superhero cape for being such a good big brother this year. The cape is suppose to help Nicholas protect his brother and keep him safe. Too bad five minutes later he made Christian cry when he took something out of his hand!

Opening presents...

Trying presents out...

... But I actually like the packaging best!

Getting a family shot of everyone looking is next to impossible!

Quiet time with Daddy reading a book after such a long day. Life is good!

Stay tuned for my 1 year stats after my wellness visit. Mom and Dad are keeping their fingers crossed that I'll weigh 20 pounds so we can turn my car seat around!