Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween - 2012!

 I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the boys excitement is a delight to see!  However, after what seems like a month long celebration I'm ready to move on from Halloween.  Today was a perfect climax to the Halloween "Season."  My two little pirates may have had their most fun Halloween together yet.  Trick or treating tonight, Nicholas kept saying, "Christian isn't this so much fun?"  and "Mommy, I love you, you're the best!" as if I was the reason he continued to fill his bag with candy.  Putting Christian to bed tonight, he asked if we can do it again tomorrow.  Christian is fond of the lollipops this year, and if a house did not have any he would say, "lollipop please."  Very cute!  One of the best parts?  Their Grandmom Ranalli is here to participate in all the fun!

Attempts at pictures before trick or treating can be quite a challenge due to the anticipation of candy AND the use of cool glow sticks Grandmom gave them.  Both made for VERY excited boys!

Halloween Season also included many other fun days!

Painting pumpkins, I love their concentration faces!  A jack o lantern was also carved, (a bit too early) it didn't quite make it to Halloween.  And, Chris and Nicholas did it one Sunday while Christian and I were napping, so I didn't get pictures of Nicholas' face touching the insides.

A trip to the pumpkin patch with friends.  

The boys are getting big, aren't they?

What would Halloween season be without Halloween pj's?  Thanks Mimi!

And, a Halloween Party at Portland Children's Museum, among the other Halloween parties we attended with Nicholas' school.

One happy Halloween, and one tired mom!  What's next for our little Ranalli family?  Thanksgiving and a move.  That's right, we are finally ready to buy another home and stay awhile!