Friday, April 16, 2010

Christian is 1 Month Old!!!

Time flies when you are too busy to think about it! It feels like Christian's 1 month appointment came with the blink of an eye! He is doing great. He now weighs 9 pounds and 6 ounces (50th percentile), and is 23 1/4 inches (97th percentile). The doctor said he is as tall as most three month olds, definitely doesn't get that from my side! We think he may have my blue eyes though! We can tell he is super strong already just by the way he can hold his head up, and he always scooches himself to the corner of the cradle. This week he just started some social smiling, so cute!!! It is such a great feeling to smile and have him look up and smile back! He has become so much more alert in the past week and you can start to hear a little bit of cooing. I love when they become more than just cute little blobs!!!! He is mellow and chillaxed! His hair on top has fallen out, so he is a real baldy now. We are so truly blessed for our two healthy, handsome boys!

And oh yes, he has a set of lungs too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter ~ 2010!

Easter was so much fun this year! Nicholas is at the age where he knew what was going on, he was excited for the Easter Bunny and all of the activities that come along with Easter; dying Easter eggs, making chocolate eggs with Mom-mom, baking an Easter pie with Pop-pop, and of course, the Easter egg hunt! He was so cute this year!!!

Happy Birthday Chris!!!
April 5th was Chris' birthday. We were so happy to celebrate with our two sons this year, what a special present! As usual, Nicholas loves birthdays, especially cake time!

2 & 3 Weeks

Things are great here! Nicholas and Christian are really great together. We went through a few jealous days and now Nicholas is right back to adoring Christian! Christian is a really good baby, he has already started taking one bottle of expressed breast milk a day. Mom-Mom, Pop-pop and Daddy really enjoy this bonding experience and I really enjoy the break. Christian has had a few long sleep stretches at night and even gave me a well needed 8 hours one night!!! I know that is out of the ordinary but it happened to coincide with Chris and I going out to dinner for the first time, so it was really a nice treat! Can't believe he will be one month next Tuesday!