Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee

The family just got back from a week vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee with Chris' parents. It is the largest lake in New Hampshire with about 300 miles of coast line. We had such a great time!!! It was wonderful for Nicholas to get to spend so much quality time with his grandparents.

Our house was right on the water with our own sand beach, dock, and water craft. We got to swim a bunch in the warm, clear lake water, fish, shop, and EAT! The adults played poker every night and I must add that Chris lost to his mother, father, and wife! The weather was fantastic, probably the best week of the summer! Plenty of people boating, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, etc. There was even an ice cream boat that came around the lake every day! It had to be one of the most beautiful, serene, and relaxing vacations we have ever taken. We didn't want it to end!

By the way, Nicholas' FIRST TOOTH made its appearance the morning we were getting ready to head to the lake. Perfect timing considering Nicholas was a little cranky a few days before hand. He also learned to clap that week, I hope to catch it on video soon.

Since there were so may pictures I put together a slide show of our vacation. It was even more beautiful than the pictures. We are so lucky to have experienced it! Thanks Pop-pop and Nan, we miss you already!

If you want to view individual pictures just click on "view all images" underneath the slide show.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pop-pop's Furniture

Chris' dad makes the most beautiful furniture and we are so incredibly lucky to have such special family heirlooms to pass on. Pop-pop puts so much hard work and love into all of his pieces and it means so much to us!

Here is Nicholas sitting in his adirondack bench. Such a big boy, now we just need to invite one of his friends over to sit and have lemonade!

North Pack Hike

We took a family hike up a local mountain on Sunday. The weather was fantastic so we decided to take advantage of there being no possibility of rain for the first time in what seemed like weeks! Nicholas enjoyed his views on the way up, had a little lunch at the top and then napped the whole way down in the pack. Nothing like some fresh mountain air!

The three of us at the peak.
Me carrying Nicholas for a bit. I had to borrow Chris' hat to keep Nicholas from ripping my hair out!

My boys!

Hiking can be sooo exhausting

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grammy and Pop Come to Town

Nicholas absolutley loves the attention he gets when visitors come to town! We had so much fun with Grammy and Pop, their visit flew by! The weather was hit or miss but we still managed to do plenty. Nicholas got such a kick out of immitating the funny noises Pop made and all the kisses and laughs from Grammy. Thanks for EVERYTHING, we miss you already and are counting down the days until we can see you again!

We are so fortunate to get to see both sets of grandparents almost monthly since Nicholas has been born despite the fact that there is a 6 hour drive between us. We really appreciate the love and support! Nicholas will never doubt how much he is loved!

Since we did so much while they were here, I will break down the pictures accordingly (We never have a shortage of photos with my mom around, this isn't even a quarter of them!):

P.S. Chris isn't in any of the pictures because he was traveling for work most of their visit :(

Bald Mountain Hike
On the summit(Nicholas stayed home for this one, thanks Chris!)

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

York, Maine
Along the cliff trail, so beautiful!

Feeling the water, actually pretty warm!

The most beautiful lighthouse I have ever seen! I have been here a few other times and wanted to share it with Mom and Tom.

The most beautiful park on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The New England coast is spectacular!

Drive up to Pack Monadnock

Such a pretty scene, especially on clear days when you can see Boston in the distance. Unfortunately, it wasn't a clear day, but still beautiful to look out.

Hanging Out at Home
Grammy and Nicholas, doesn't my Mom's haircut look cute?

Me getting a sloppy french kiss from Nicholas

Pop, Nicholas and Grammy doing some gardening. Tom (aka Pop), worked so hard putting in some beautiful perinial gardens. Thanks so much, I love looking out into my backyard now!

Of course, Nicholas having fun in his bouncy seat

Caught with his pants down!

Sitting on the rocking chair I sat on as a baby

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Just as we were getting use to the idea of Nicholas crawling, he is now pulling himself up to standing from furniture. This week he has had ZERO interest in his toys. He crawls right passed them, pulls himself up and just stands. He seems perefectly content just hanging out, holding onto the couch. We now know that we have to baby proof. He even started to pull himself up onto the stairs. I let him go for a minute just to see how far he would take it. After making it to the second stair I pulled him off, called Chris and said "We need a baby gate, pronto!" As new parents it is so exciting, but it is also sad; we don't want our baby growing up too quickly!

Play the video to see Nicholas pull himself up, notice he crawls right past his toys...