Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baptism Photos

We are blessed to have such a beautiful baby boy! What a wonderful weekend, thanks to everyone who shared in Nicholas' special day!

us and Father Jerry
"I'm not sure what's going on."

"Why is he pouring cold water on my head?"

"Thank goodness it's over, hold me tight Grammy."

Nicholas with his God parents, Aunt Jamie and Uncle Christian

The godparents lounging after an exhausitng day!

Grandmom and Pop-pop

"I feel silly in this outfit!"

Grammy and Pop
Mommy and Daddy


Pam said...

I LOVE the new blog!! This is terrific! I need to get so inspired! Also, Nicholas is ADORABLE in his christening outfit. I LOVE it!! Max is doing an infant dedication in Sept. Love and miss you tons!

Marianne said...

Wow, I love it, can't wait for the next edition. I can't believe how adorable Nicholas is. It seems like he has grown since last week. You can tell he really loves those carrots.