Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, yesterday was the first season game for the Philadelphia Eagles. We paid to get the NFL ticket so that we can catch all the Eagles games on TV. Chris and I have been wearing our jerseys every game for years even though it hasn't brought us too much luck. Nicholas joined our tradition yesterday, maybe this is our year? What a way to start the season with a 38 - 3 win over the Rams. Should we dare venture out of the house with these outfits in the middle of Patriot's territory? Rough day for those fans with a Tom Brady injury. Thanks for the Eagles outfit Grammy!



Pam said...

Those Patriot fans can be brutal! Be careful! LOVE the new pics ... super duper cute!

Andrea Delia said...

Oh my God - he is just too adorable in his EAGLES gear...I love every second of it! Hope all is well with guys, all my love!!!! GO E A G L E S!!!!

allie pettitt said...

you guys are so cute in your eagles attire. i can't believe the little guy is getting so big. next thing yiou know he'll be runnning...most likely in the the opposite diretcion from you.
they grow up so fast- this blog is an awesome way to share all the milestones with friends.
thanks for sharing-