Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're Moving.... NYC!!! Believe it or not we've even found a place on a house hunting trip. We thought we would be living in corporate housing for quite a while, but we found something to good to pass up. We'll be in Northern Jersey right on the water with BEAUTIFUL views of the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street. The building has a huge gym and an indoor play gym for kids! Chris will be working for Victoria's Secret in Manhattan on a new line of yoga pants, sports bras, running gear, etc! It's all happening so quickly, as in less than three weeks. More details to follow!!! Visitors DEFINITELY welcome!


Andrea Delia said...

Congrats Kelly...I am so happy for you guys. It will be nice being closer to your families and NYC..I love it there. Good luck and send my love to the boys.

Little mouse said...

Congratulations. We are very happy for you guys. It wl be a longer way for Ethan to play with Nicholas.

Pam said...

I spoke with Chris this morning. I'm soo happy for you guys! What a wonderful move. I can't wait to visit you. And when you need a dose of the sticks, fishing, snowboarding, etc ... you can come visit Sandpoint, ID. :-)

Nicholas looks DARLING in his NYC t-shirt.

Love ya! Congratulations!!!

Grammy said...

Yipee!!!! It looks like Nicholas is already excited for the bring move; I know Grammy can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Did Grammy buy that t-shirt? lol Well,you know I am MORE then excited to have my girl back almost home :-) Love ya! Dana

Joanna said...

Wow, I am so happy for you all! I hope that your move is smooth. When will it be complete?

I will be in Long Island for the summer.

Love Brenna