Thursday, May 28, 2009

- May -

Well, the month of May went by too quickly and I have been slacking on the blog. It was a super busy month between Chris' Asia trip, my trip to Key West, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Christian free loading on the couch on and off all month (we loved having him!), on top of every day life. I figured I would do one big blog to catch up. Unfortunately, I have not been taking my camera along lately so I haven't been catching all of the adorableness of Nicholas and therefore don't have too many pictures too share. I actually feel sad about that! I will definitely be on top of it over the next few weeks to compensate:)

Christian is an official inductee of the Bensalem High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Aren't you all honored to know such an athlete? hehe...
My Aunt Jeanne, my mom and I went to accompany him

Mother's Day with mommy and Nicholas. I have to thank Nicholas for making me a better person. I also need to thank my Mom, mother-in-law, grandmother's, and aunts that have shaped who I am as a mother.

Uncle Christian and Nicholas catching up on the swing. Nicholas now calls him uncle (can't say Christian) which sounds more like "ukknel." Very cute, he wanted to know where uncle was this morning when he woke up.

Pop and Nicholas at the light house on Memorial Day weekend. Darn, where was my camera to get some good shots on the beach! Nicholas absolutely loves the beach and the water. It was bone aching numb but we couldn't keep him out. He was getting knocked over by the waves and laughing hysterically. The one day there was a sand bar and Nicholas played in that. Chris took video with his cell phone, but for some reason the sound isn't working.

Key West
I got to visit Jamie in Key West for a few days at the beginning of May while Chris was in Asia. She is doing great and has a great life down there! I ALMOST missed Nicholas too much to fully enjoy myself, but knew he was having a good time with the grandparents! Thanks again! I spent my time beaching it, hanging at the pool in Jamie's backyard (and playing pool beer pong), going on a sunset booze cruise, going to drag shows, and of course catching up with my BFF and her awesome boyfriend Andy. Thank you Jamie, Andy and Faith, I miss Key West already, now I need to get Chris back there with me!

Sun Set Cruise with Jamie and Andy

I had so much fun with Jamie's other roomate Faith. She is from Philly too!

Beer pong in the pool!

Under the waterfall!


Anonymous said...

YIPPE!!! So happy you are back :) Glad everyone bugged you to get back on the computer. The pic of you and Nicholas on Mother's day is perfect! You are a great Mother, and you should be proud of your family :) Love you! Dana

Anonymous said...

PS : I wish I would of held of on my Kew West trip and spent it with you....we would of had so much fun!

Pam said...

YAY! Finally, an update! I missed hearing what was going on.

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU Monday!! It's gonna be great to have a little time to hang out and catch up.

Love and miss you tons!