Thursday, December 9, 2010

TWO Santa visits!

So far this year the boys have gotten to visit with Santa two times! The first was unexpected when Santa was at the tree farm we visited. You were allowed to take pictures with your own camera. Christian absolutely loved Santa and began smiling and turning around to look at Santa instantly! Quite a contrast from Nicholas' first visit with Santa as a baby, he cried immediately! Nicholas also loved Santa this year on both visits, telling him both times that he wants a black truck. I am now searching high and low for a black truck!

At the tree farm.

We weren't so lucky to get two smiles the second time around but I think it had to do more with it being nap time for Christian.

I was just looking back at Nicholas' first two Christmases as well! Time flies!

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009


Mimi said...

Awe, handsome Angel boys! I miss them so much. XOXOXO

Nick said...

Looks like the boys like Santa Claus and why not