Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christian is ONE ! ! !

Well, that year flew by! We cannot believe Christian is one today! Our little boy made our family complete. He is such a happy addition to the family and really balances out some of our other cranky personalities! While life has become busier, crazier, and more hectic it is now also, the most joyful, fun, and rewarding. Nicholas has grown fond of life with Christian and is sometimes bothered if he goes out without him or takes a short ride in the car without his brother sitting next to him. I would be lying if I said life is a walk in the park with two boys, but it is truly fulfilling. We love you Christian, happy birthday! What a wonderful year it has been.

We celebrated Christian's first year with Mom-mom and Pop-pop who flew in from Philadelphia.

The cake: looks cute, but not that tasty. Should have made my year (maybe!)

Pop-pop and the birthday boy!


Daddy and Christian

Our baby! (or toddler, but forever our baby!!)

Chef Nicholas (carefully being monitored by Mom-mom) cutting pineapple.

Happy birthday to you!

"What's this?!?"

"Actually, YUCK!"
He wasn't that impressed with his first taste of sweets.

Nicholas received a superhero cape for being such a good big brother this year. The cape is suppose to help Nicholas protect his brother and keep him safe. Too bad five minutes later he made Christian cry when he took something out of his hand!

Opening presents...

Trying presents out...

... But I actually like the packaging best!

Getting a family shot of everyone looking is next to impossible!

Quiet time with Daddy reading a book after such a long day. Life is good!

Stay tuned for my 1 year stats after my wellness visit. Mom and Dad are keeping their fingers crossed that I'll weigh 20 pounds so we can turn my car seat around!


Anonymous said...

I'm able to read this, yahoo! That cake is SO cute. Funny,homemade is always better:) You and the family look awesome. Happy 1st Birthday!! xoxo Dana

Erin said...

Happy birthday Christian! Kelly, I have been debating about cutting my hair short again and now looking at your's makes me really want to do it.


Mimi said...

Awe, Happy, Happy 1st Birthday Christian. You are growing like a weed. And, Nicholas, I love your cape. Miss you guys a lot. Love, Mimi

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Christian!! What a beautiful family. It's time for another road trip! When can we visit you again? :)

Anonymous said...

One already! Happy b-day big boy.