Saturday, May 7, 2011

April ~ 2011

Geesh, can't believe it is already May. April passed by so quickly!! We had a month that was TOO busy! Chris' 40th birthday came and went, Easter, our 5 year wedding anniversary, we moved!! On top of it all, we had the wonderful company of my cousin Cortney, who was doing her final college internship at the hosptital I gave birth to Chrisitian at. Pictures of Cortney's visit and our new house to follow!

Let's start with Chris' birthday. Can you believe my wonderful, hot, funny, caring, romantic husband is 40?!?!
Had to make my honey's favorite cake, pineapple upside down!

Chris and Christian standing in front of the collage of pictures I hung of Chris.

To highlight a few...

In addition to Chris' momentous birthday we also celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. Obviously, we have been simply blessed within those years, having our beautiful two boys. But, it has also been a very busy time. I'm almost embarrassed to say that in our 5 years of marriage we have lived in 4 different states. CA, NH, NY(NJ), WA. Of course, most of our time before marriage was spent in California and most of our married life spent in New Hampshire. Although, we have now already been in Washington for 15 months!! I feel like, we can conquer the world together! Truly, my best friend! Chris suprised me with an overnight spa/dinner date at the Salish Lodge, known for it's location perched on a beautiful waterfall. We had a great time and we were so grateful my cousin was there to watch the kids.

Here is a picture Chris took from his cell phone of us out front of the falls.
Easter was pretty mellow this year. It rained in the morning, but the sun came out after nap time, just in time for the egg hunt in the back yard!
Perfect rainy Easter morning activity...decorate easter popcorn balls courtesy of my Aunt Jeanne. Nicholas really gets into these! I think it's funny that he wore his Christmas pjs on Easter!

Final product! Chris' Easter bunny wins the prize. Cortney's egg takes a close second! Mine and Nicholas' in the back!

This is what the Easter bunny brought! A yummy basket full of treats and two watering cans for the backyard.

My little GQ model!


Egg hunt...Nicholas ate as he went.

"Look what I have!"

Hunt in action!

"More eggs!"

Our Easter family shot!

Nicholas at an Easter egg dying party we went to earlier in the week.

More random cute pictures from the month of April:

Nicholas 2nd visit to the dentist another success!


Nicholas with Ruby and Tessa after the May Day Festival. I have none from the festival this year:( but it was so much fun and a beautiful day!

Nicholas and Tessa, hiking partners, making silly faces!

These were so cute, we had to get two. A big one and a little one!

Saturday afternoon trip to Pikes Place Market.


Mimi said...

Wow, a lot sure does happen in a short amount of time. Love the photo's. Those boys are just so adorable. So are you and Chris and Cortney. Miss you a whole bunch.

Anonymous said...

Nick looks bigger than you in that last pic. Funny. So many greats pics. Congrats to 5 years.Crazy! Feels like yesterday we were up in the bedroom getting our dresses on singing Al Green :) Keep posting, I love reading. Take Care! xoxo Dana