Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Baby is TWO!

 Christian has lit up our lives from the moment he came into the world two years ago.  I like to say he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is such a happy little lover and starts every morning kissing and hugging all of the animal friends he sleeps with (which is up to about 8!) and he knows if one is missing! He still loves trash trucks, trash cans and I would definitely say a "hobby" of his is helping me throw trash away-such a good helper!  He is also very into puzzles and legos.  He is a little dare devil and my little wild child, but also such a super sweet and kind little boy.  He spends much of his day laughing, but boy, when he is feeling off you will sure know it!  It's on these days I refer to my sweet boy as "Cranky Christian" We are so lucky our Seattle friends, along with Pop-pop and Mom-mom, were able to come help us celebrate Christian!

Christian is so FULL of life!

 His smile is contagious!

 We had a fun music celebration for Christian's birthday.  The kids really enjoyed it!

 The "bigger" kids making music together!

 The boys and I enjoying the music! 

 Pizza time!

 One of Christian's first words was "Brayden!" (Along with trash can!)  Here he is pictured with the infamous Brayden.
 Christian loved all of the attention at his party!

 And clearly loved the cupcakes too!

 Too cute, his "Sha-sha!" (Charlotte)

 Birthday morning, happy with all of his new toys!

 Sharing a laugh with Pop-pop

Out to dinner, sharing a birthday sundae with his brother.


Mimi said...

Yes, Christian does make me smile! Miss all of you. Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

I love the pic w/the balloon! My fav!! Happy 2nd Birthday :)
xoxo Dana

Natalie said...

We had so much fun celebrating with you! Miss you guys!