Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's been nearly three months since we moved to Portland and we have been having lots of fun discovering Oregon!  From the coast to the desert, we have been keeping busy in this beautiful state.  I went thru our cell phones today and weeded out the best pictures of our latest adventures.

 Today, at the Portland Japanese Gardens

"Look Christian, a koi fish."

 Construction zone in our backyard!

Construction zone in the garage!

Spring skiing with Daddy in Mt. Hood

Chris and I skiing/riding Mt. Bachelor near Bend, Oregon for his birthday weekend.

Chris and his good buddy Marc fishing on the Deschuttes River during Chris' birthday weekend in Bend, Oregon.  

Pop-Pop and boys at the World Forestry Center in Portland

Christian and his buddies at the Forestry Center

Nicholas learning what great hearing bats have! 

Climbing at the Portland Children's Museum

 One of Nicholas' favorite spots in Portland, Voodoo Doughnut.

Waiting to take the street car to the Farmers market.

On our way!

Special date day with Nicholas to sushi and a show at the Portland Children's Theater

What did we see?  One of Nicholas' favorite book's, Richard Scary's "Busytown."  Nicholas above pictured with Lowly worm.

Earth Day hike, right down the street from our house in Forest Park.


Like Daddy, like sons.  They have gone fishing two weekends in a row now.

Cannon Beach, Oregon at Haystack Rock.  Recognize it?  It was on the final scene of the movie Goonies as the ship sets sail.

Nicholas and Mimi

Best Friends

Sand dunes 

  Nature Boy!

 More adventures to come, I'm sure!  Hopefully, some with those of you who read this blog.  Greetings from cold, rainy, snowy, sunny, warm, beautiful Oregon!


Mimi said...

Wow, you really captured some beautiful moments! I hope the rest of your time in OR are as much fun and adventuresome. Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

I will make one of the pics in your blog sometime soon Kell! Can't wait cause everything looks so nice out there. Including those two baby boys ;) xxoo Dana