Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nicholas is F I V E ! ! !

I went through pictures last night on the eve of Nicholas' fifth birthday.  I was asked by his teacher for him to bring one picture of each year of his life to school today.  It made me a little weepy to think how quickly five years has gone by.  It seems like just yesterday that he was born.  I don't remember what life was like before him, he is the center of our world and has made both Chris and I better people.

Nicholas at 5 loves super heroes and Star Wars.  His favorites are Batman, Superman, and Darth Vader.  His favorite books are super hero books, Skippy John Jones and still, Frog and Toad.  His other favorite activities are building legos, riding his bike, and playing with his Star Wars figurines.  He is a great big brother and even this morning when we got him a Voodoo birthday doughnut he let Christian blow out his candle and let Christian open one gift.

We had a very lovely morning at his school where he walked the circle 5 times holding the globe symbolizing each year of his life while his classmates sang to him.  His teacher asked if he would like the class to sing Happy Birthday in English or Spanish he chose Spanish.

Keep on living and loving life Nicholas, you bring joy to ours!

Birthday breakfast, M&M Voodoo Doughnut

School Celebration

Chris remarked at school, "Oh my God, he looks so big!"

Nicholas and his friend eating lunch.

Christian said, "Take a picture of me."  I said give me your most handsome smile and this is what he gave me.  Goofy boy :)!

What does a five year old boy want for a birthday cake?  "Chocolate and Star Wars, Mom!"  Duh!

Christian didn't want to be in this one!

Nicholas may have let Christian blow out the doughnut candle, but not his Star Wars cake!  
P.S.  No one said I was a good cake maker or even enjoy making cakes...this was my last minute attempt.  And, Nicholas insisted he help make his own cake might I add!

We love you, Nicholas!  


Pop Pop said...

Can't believe it was five years ago that we and Mimi waited on a snowy day in New Hampshire for Nicholas birth. I can forget the excitment and love we had for then and it has grown every day since,he is a special boy in our hearts now and forever. Love Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Pop Pop said...

oops, i meant to say we can not forget the excitment.....", sorry

Mimi said...

Oh, my gosh, I, too, have tears in my eyes. Nicholas you have grouwn up to be such a special loving boy. Like Pop Pop said I will never forget the cold wintry day, Pop Pop and Mom Mom and Mimi waited for you to be born. We had ants in our pants and then all of a sudden we heard your birth cry. It was the most amazing sound I've heard to this day.Kelly,
thanks for sharing again on the blog. It makes me feel closer to all of you. XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

He does look a bit older in these pics....sigh! He will always be your baby no matter what :) I like that school made it special for him too. Signing in Spanish is so cool! xxo Dana