Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hard to believe our little C is THREE!

Christian is three today and it's hard to believe!  It feels like just yesterday our little baby joined the family.  He's not so baby anymore!  He is an energetic, enthusiastic, loving and happy boy!  He and Nicholas love eachother very much and they are the first person eachother think about each and every day (even though they may be screaming, yelling and fighting a few mintues later)!  Nicholas was so excited the day before Christian's birthday in helping me and Mimi prep for the celebrations that he almost couldn't sleep!

At three years old Christian is gradually moving away from his trash truck obsession, but still loves them!!  He can now safely function with out playing with one or seeing one, but his favorite day of the week is still Monday--trash day!  Christian cheerfully wakes the entire house bright and early on Monday mornings (around 6:45 am) to let us know that "the trash trucks are here!"  He has even gotten a candy from our local trash collector and was picked up to press the lift button by him once too!  At least his interests are becoming more developed with age; first a simple trash can his first year and a half, then trash trucks, and now he's interested in land fills!  Besides trash day, Christian loves going to the library where he gets to pick new books each week and a DVD for family movie night each weekend.  We also participate in story time there where they sing, dance, and read books.  He loves to sing his favorite song from the library, "Baby Shark," where he loudly plays "GOTCHA" and the end all the while giggling hysterically.

 Christian loves music, his favorite song is Maroon Five's, "Moves like Jagger" which he pronounces "Moos MinJagger."  He also loves the sound of a powerful woman's voice and requests, "that girl" which usually means Stevie Nicks or Adele, go figure!

He loves his crib still at three and continued to say when he's three he's going to sleep in a bigger bed but when today came around he said no way!  He loves to sleep with all of his favorite animals still and his particular favorites are Pop and George.  His latest phase is that he loves to sleep naked.  He wakes every morning with out clothes on and on nights when I check on him before I go to bed he has already shed his clothes, but I have stopped waking him to put them back on.

Christian is so brilliantly quirky!  He received birthday money from Great Grandmom DD and when asked what he was going to do with the money he said he was going to go buy some rice and beans.  Christian keeps us and himself constantly laughing.  He marches to the beat of his own drum and we love him so much for that!

Today he woke to balloons on his bedroom floor.  He was so delighted, that alone could have been his entire birthday gift!  He wanted them all in his bed with him.

Christian and his birthday buddy, Hadley celebrating each other's birthdays together tonight!  After a mellow morning play date  and library time with friends.

Practicing his number 3!

Such a busy birthday that we opened gifts in our pj's at 8pm tonight.

For future embarrassment and proof of his love of the nude, this is a typical night of sleep for C!

What a magical, wonderful boy Christian is.  How lucky is he that he has so many that love him?!


Mimi said...

Oh my, where has the time gone? I remember with joy the first time I held you in my arms. A treasure to behold. With each passing day you continue to grow into a loving young boy. I am delighted to be here with you, Nicholas, Mommy and Daddy to help celebrate YOU! I'll love you always. XOXO

Anonymous said...

One of a lind for sure! Such a cutie :P Happy belted!! xxoo Dana

Kyle Lipton said...

You need help! "HIS Body, HIS Rights!" [#i2]