Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Nicholas started to crawl last week. He is still slow now, but I have a feeling that in about a week he'll be keeping me on my feet all day long! He's getting faster everday, won't be long before he's a speed racer!

Play the video to catch a glimpse...


Pam said...

OMG!!! *jumping up and down* Congratulations, Nicholas!!! What a BIG boy! You're gonna be chasing him all over the house before you know it! I'll be glad when I'm chasing Max, maybe then, I'll lose the rest of the 'baby weight'! ha! Of coarse you wouldn't know about that because you already looks amazing! Beyotch! LOL -- Just kidding .... can you tell I'm totally jealous? Love ya!

Dinky101079 said...

Good Lord, it's on now Kell :-)
ps : I had a dream that you were prego with #2. Am I psychic? LOL