Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Just as we were getting use to the idea of Nicholas crawling, he is now pulling himself up to standing from furniture. This week he has had ZERO interest in his toys. He crawls right passed them, pulls himself up and just stands. He seems perefectly content just hanging out, holding onto the couch. We now know that we have to baby proof. He even started to pull himself up onto the stairs. I let him go for a minute just to see how far he would take it. After making it to the second stair I pulled him off, called Chris and said "We need a baby gate, pronto!" As new parents it is so exciting, but it is also sad; we don't want our baby growing up too quickly!

Play the video to see Nicholas pull himself up, notice he crawls right past his toys...

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Pam said...

WOW ... can he look any more like daddy or what?? He just gets cuter all the time!! I can't believe how strong he is and that he's figured out how to stand up already!! Crazy! Let me know what lessons you learn about baby proofing; I'll need them. Max will not be far behind Nicholas! love and miss ya tons!