Monday, August 18, 2008

North Pack Hike

We took a family hike up a local mountain on Sunday. The weather was fantastic so we decided to take advantage of there being no possibility of rain for the first time in what seemed like weeks! Nicholas enjoyed his views on the way up, had a little lunch at the top and then napped the whole way down in the pack. Nothing like some fresh mountain air!

The three of us at the peak.
Me carrying Nicholas for a bit. I had to borrow Chris' hat to keep Nicholas from ripping my hair out!

My boys!

Hiking can be sooo exhausting


Pam said...

I love your back pack thingy! What brand is it? Do you like it? We need somehthing like this for Max. How big can he be and still fit in it? Love the pictures, as usual, you all look soooo happy! MISS YOU!

Dinky101079 said...

The pic of BIG Nick sleeping is priceless :-) cute!