Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Nicholas' days of nursing have sadly come to an end :-( He is such a big eater, he kind of weaned himself. My goal was to make it to one year, but we got close enough. I can hardly get him to drink any milk either. He has SUCH personality and shows so much expression! He is so happy and has so much love, but he's not afraid to show his attitude either, guess he is like his momma in some ways :-) He is emulating so much of what we do, he makes doggie noises and says a few words like car, picture, what's that, hi, bye, and baby. (At least those are the words Mom and Dad hear!) He loves being read to and cries when the book ends. Ahhhhhhhhh....we love him so....pure joy!!

Here is video Chris took of Nicholas drinking his baba, he is so funny! Enjoy...



Pam said...

Awe! How cute is that??? I hear ya; it's sad when the breast feeding stops. *sigh* They grow up sooo fast! I LOVE the videos! Super cute.

Grammy said...

Oh my goodness, Nicholas is so adorable and brillant too! He is a quick learner, saying baba so shortly after being weaned. You did a great job Kelly! Those are days and moments you will always treasure.