Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stroller Brigade

Or so I refer to this group! A group of mom's, through our 6 degress of seperation in this small town, began to go on stroller walks during the summer. There are actually 8 mom's and children ranging from 7-14 months. It started out very casual, usually one day a week. But we have gotten much more organized, we even have a calendar! We walk twice a week and gather at rotating houses one day a week. We play, chat, and the hostess even cooks lunch for all of us on the day that we meet at her house.
Needless to say, it has actually been a great network and stress reliever. It is truly a nice way to break up our day and I think both Nicholas and I look forward to spending time with our friends. Yesterday, we met at Anna's house and I actually remembered to bring my camera. Only two moms/children were missing. Maybe one time we'll get a picture of all of them. Sometimes, I actually feel like Nicholas and I have too much going on between meeting with these guys three days a week, swim class on Mondays and our Waldorf play group on Thursdays (many of the children in the stroller brigade also do this one too!). Wednesday is usually the only day we have nothing planned. Of course there is never any pressure on any of our parts to show every time we meet and we're all pretty much in the same boat as far as that goes, show when we can. I'm not complaining though, I love every day! Will we always be so fortunate? I am hopefull...

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Anonymous said...

Geez, I wish I had that meny friends. So popular already ;)
xoxo Dana