Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1 Year Photos

We took Nicholas to get his one year old pictures at the Picture People thanks to a gift certificate from Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Jay. They all turned out so nice and there were so many to choose from. Here are some of our favorites... We would have liked to get all of them, but we only got two for now. I won't tell you which two we picked, you'll have to wait until you get one! Which do you like best?

Totally Nicholas,,,"Who are you?"

I love this one too! GRRRRRRRRR....! (We didn't get this one, but wish we could have.)


Grammy said...

Wow, what a difficult decission. I know one of my favorites is the first one and I definitely like 4 and 5, they are sooo Nicholas. However 6, is cute too. Actually, they are all so cute. What a nice gift idea.

Tough decision indeed.It looked liked he had fun at the shoot.

Andrea Delia said...

They are all perfect...I don't know how you picked just one.

Pam said...

how do you choose??? They're all so terrific! I love Grrrr... and #3! What a doll!!

jeanne said...

I think I like # 1 also, but I agree they are all great photos!
He looks like he has fun with everything he does.


Anonymous said...

I like the one w/his leg out ... looks like he is trying to be John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever. The one where he is thinking...or should we say pooing? lol.Once cute kid kell! xoxo, Dana