Thursday, January 22, 2009

12 Month Update

Nicholas had his 12 month doctors visit yesterday. He now weighs 21 lbs. even and is 29 inches long. Everything checked out great! He got three shots which he wasn't very happy with :(. The doctor gave the go ahead for Nicholas to eat anything. We gave him a cup of whole milk and he hated it! He cried hysterically until I gave him another cup with formula. At 12 months Nicholas has quite a vocabulary and it is so cute to hear him say all those words. He says nanna (bananna), car, hat, hot, ball, baby, dog, bear, hi, bye, and dadda (not momma!!); and his two newest words are apple and nite-nite. This morning Nicholas walked up to his favorite book "Goodnight Moon" and said nite-nite. I thought that was so cute!!! He is still not walking, but is very close! He has been taking a few steps on his own but very wobbly. I've attached a video of him taking a few steps...

That is the 12 month news, we are so excited to see more changes as he grows! We'll keep you up to date!


Pam said...

Can you believe a year has gone by?

So, Max is in a phase where we can hardly get him to eat anything. He mostly just wants his bottle. I hear from other moms that they went through the same thing.

Nicholas didn't like milk, eh? I wonder how Max will take to that. He doesn't like to drink anything cold. Are you on a sippy cup yet?

LOVE the wobblie steps. Max is just crusing, holding on to furniture as he goes.

He says "mama" - but nothing else yet.

it's amazing how different kids are.

miss and love you!

Grammy said...

Thanks for the one year update. Poor Nicholas, those shots can be tough. As his grammy, I have to remind you of a few words he has beeb speaking that you forgot to add,"Light, star, what's that? and did you mention ruff (the sound a dog makes).

As always, I love the video.

Karin said...

Nicholas is so adorable! I am so sad we missed his party. Matthew has never liked milk, so I add about 3/4 of a Tbsp. of chocolate ovaltine to his milk, and he likes it.