Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching Up on Our Life ~ Spring 2011!

As part of Chris' Father's Day gift I'm catching up on the blog and hopefully posting more regularly too!

Chris spent Father's Day taking Nicholas to the Mariners vs. Phillies game in Seattle. Chris said Nicholas enjoyed the whole experience and they stayed the entire game. He said Nicholas was particularly fond of all the snacks and food, and people watching

Love these boys!

Mother's Day was spent a little differently, I ran a 5k in the morning and Nicholas joined in a kids dash afterwards.
My little track star

Me and my silly boys on Mother's Day!

Christian is now 15 month's old! He weighs 21lbs. 14 oz. and is 31 1/2 inches long. That would be 25% for weight (wahoo, he's moving on up!) and off the charts for height! His favorite words are mama, dada, and uh-oh. He likes to throw his drinks over board and then say uh-oh. He also says truck, ball, sock, and likes to ruff ruff when he sees doggies or any other animal for that matter. He is in a wild, crazy boy stage, but he's a very happy, exuberant guy!

Like Nicholas, he loves his crib.

Happy boy getting into some mischief.

"I'm a big boy!" Christian loves being forward facing in his car seat!

Hanging out at Nicholas' tumbling class. Poor boy gets toted around to all of Nicholas' activities and doesn't have any of his own. Good thing most of Nicholas' friends have younger siblings Christian's age! Maybe we'll get into a class when Nicholas is at preschool in the fall!

Click on this link to see Nicholas at 15 months.

We've had some fun visits between April and June!

My cousin Cortney's April visit, at the Crab Pot!

Mimi's May Visit

Uncle Christian's June visit

And more photos of our every day lives these past couple of months...

A game of duck duck goose in the back yard at our Memorial Day shin dig!

And of course, cup cakes!

Kids table

Nicholas on the bar at tumbling class.

Nicholas and friends on the last day of tumbling.

Running boy!

Such expression, "What's this?"

Dinosaurs at the zoo!

They're going to be heart breakers.

What's the zoo without a merry go round ride?

Oh brother, these two keep me busy!

Little man

Silly Mommy

Nicholas at the aquarium, he loves divers so was excited to try on some of their equipment.

May Day Festival, look at my sleeping boy!

Spring Parade with Nicholas' school

We still love our hikes and park dates with Ruby and Tessa. They are moving to Portland in TWO days. They are like family, so we will really miss them.

Outdoor enthusiasts!

Getting ready to trek in the woods.

Got to love the beauty of North West Forests

Hiker in training! Christian is usually in the carrier with me but more and more he wants to be down with the big kids.

Getting ready for a hike at Discovery of my most favorite places in Seattle!

Ahh, to be a kid again.

Today was Nicholas' last swim class of this session. Check out my little fish with Teacher Abby. The last class is always the fun class, hence the slide.


Pop Pop said...

Boys are growing up much too fast, can not wait to see them this summer. Love and kisses from Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Anonymous said...

DUH, I posted on the wrong group, but you know me :)!!! lol- Dana
check under the SO BIG section.

Mimi said...

I cannot believe how big they are both getting. They also seem cuter by the second. Love you guys.

Pam said...

love the update! had to update mine too. Hadn't updated since Easter.