Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July and Early Summer ~ 2011!

What a fantastic 4th of July weekend! Independence Day was spent at our Kirkland parade followed by a BBQ with friends and then fireworks visible right from our front yard. This year not only did we watch the parade, we participated in the children's parade before hand. Nicholas rode his bike, while Christian rode in the stroller.

Nicholas cruising in the parade along side of his brother fast asleep in the stroller.

Nicholas with his buddy, Roman, in the parade.

Nicholas and friends watching the fire trucks go by.

Nicholas has never seen a firework show so this year we decided to wake him. The fire works started about 10:35 as it doesn't get dark this far north until well after 10pm in the summer time.

Nicholas and Daddy watching the fireworks. Nicholas was amazed at first and kept saying, "Beautiful fire!" A few minutes later he said, "Daddy, how long is this going to last, I'm too tired to watch!" So there you go, we didn't necessarily even have to wake him, but still a very cool experience!

Today was another beautiful day spent in downtown Kirkland. Every Tuesday morning there is a kids concert series in the park along the lake.
Roman and Nicholas watching the performance, too cute!

My birthday present to myself, my first half marathon on June 25th. Me and Erin post race.
My time: 1:53:32!

More fun photos from the last few weeks:

Splash pad at the Strawberry Festival. Christian was content to get wet all day and run through the water! Good thing, because there really wasn't any strawberries at the festival. The boys had fun anyway.

This cracked me up, Christian stood as Nicholas pedaled and Chris pushed, the whole time. He refused to sit. They were both so happy, Christian is his own person, for sure!

The Huts' farewell dinner, we miss them already.

A little backyard play/pool fun!

Lisa and Joe came for a visit. The kids loved seeing "Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe!" Nicholas was sad to see them go. Thanks for the Phillies hats Aunt Lis! Wow, kind of makes me feel old to say that Lisa and I have been friends for 23 years. She was my first friend after moving back state side.

Check out my cool hat!

Some great recent shots of my growing baby boy, taken from Lisa's camera.

Caught me with my mouth full!

Mouth full of strawberries, grown in our backyard.

Lil' conductor!


And my other handsome boy snuggling with his momma in the backyard this past weekend. Nicholas has become really cuddly, I think because he sees his younger brother snuggling a lot. I told Nicholas that Christian was "such a lover" one time and then while at the supermarket Nicholas put his arm around his brother in the cart and said, "We're lovers!" I got a chuckle out of that, while I knew what he meant, I also took the adult meaning of "lovers." Haha!

Kisses from my boys make me happy!

Nicholas' serious look. I know I'm biased, but couldn't this be his model shot?! (Just cut out the old hag next to him:)!)

Birthday shout out to my dad, Grandpop Bob! Happy Birthday, we love you!
Nicholas and Grandpop Bob ~ Summer 2010


Mimi said...

Happy 4th of July! Love the pics; the boys are growing so fast. Miss and love you all. Mom

Anonymous said...

Old Hag! lol, you make me laugh :)Great pics as usual!! One of my fav is Christian playing ball in his PJ's. Total kid! Hope you had fun w/your Philly BFF's!! xo, Dana