Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunriver, Oregon

It's almost August?  Where has the summer gone?

After returning from a long weekend of camping today I realized I needed to post our vacation pictures from Sunriver before I have to do a mega post again.  We had such a great time in Sunriver, a resort in the high desert region of Oregon outside of Bend.  It was one of the best family vacations I have ever taken and Nicholas continues to ask when we can go back.  We owe a big thank you to Pop-pop and Mom-mom Ranalli for treating us to such an amazing vacation.  The boys lived like kings that week with a deluxe "cabin" on a lake in an neat little resort.

Daddy loved to fish right out of the back of the house!  Chris reeling one in as Nicholas looks on.

 Nicholas helping Daddy release the trout back into the water.

 Pop-pop and Nicholas enjoying the hot tub.

 Hanging out with Mom-mom

Christian is always the busy boy.  Lots of "work" to be done in the backyard on vacation.

He might be mad at me for this one later in life!

Pony rides!

You couldn't wipe the smile off of Christian's face!


Feeding the horses!

Viewing the sun at the observatory

Love my fisherman!

And my busy bee!

Our attempts at some family photos in front of Mt. Bachelor,

The boys were not happy to be taking a pause from their bike ride.

Now that Nicholas is riding a bike, family bike rides are so much fun!  Especially in Sunriver, they were such a fun little adventure with miles of serene bike trails.

Our luxe pool complete with a water fall and water slide!

Our hot tub at the pool

And yes, to top it off for the kids, some water guns!

Here is a quick little video of Christian going down the water slide, he loved it!  He wanted to do it again and again.

I'm afraid the pictures didn't quite capture how much fun we all had and what a beautiful place it was!  


Mimi said...

Wow, the photo's are beautiful! It looks like you all enjoyed yourself.

Anonymous said...

Christian's smile is priceless :)
I love the pic of you and Nick on the bikes. Cute. xxoo Dana

Pop Pop said...

Nothing we like better than vacationing with our family, we had a wonderful time and the boys were great.
Mom Mom & Pop Pop