Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer 12 = Visitors, Camping, Fun, More Visitors, More Camping and More Fun!

This may be the most busy and memorable summer of my life.  It's flying by and I can't believe Labor Day is around the corner.  Two more rounds of guests and a trip to Seattle and then we can call it a summer, whew!

Here is a mega picture upload once again before the last few busy weeks of summer!

Uncle Christian's visit to Portland!

We had a very fun weekend with Uncle Christian.  The above pictures are from the bike tour we gave him of Portland!

Our Camping Weekend at Lost Lake in the Mount Hood Area
One of the highlights of our camping trip, Nicholas was catching huge salamander and we even let him keep one as a camp pet during our stay until he released him before we left.  

 Boys first s'mores experience.

 Boat ride with a view of Mt. Hood in the background.

 Nicholas enjoyed holding daddy's fishing worms!

First camping trip = happy campers!

Mimi, Pop, and Aunt Kelly's Visit
From the Coast to the Columbia River Gorge to Voodoo Doughnut, we did it all during their visit!  Thanks to photographer Kell, who took most of these pictures!

The whole gang on the coast in Netarts, Oregon.  Chris, Christian, Nicholas, me, Kelly, Mimi, Pop, Cousin Billy (who also lives in Portland) and his gf, Mina.  

I had never been to Netarts before but it was so beautiful and peaceful and reminded me in some ways of Big Sir, California.

Billy burying Nicholas in the sand.

Bucket heads

Poor Christian had a very cranky weekend at the coast.  Probably the only time he was happy was when he was at the beach.

Having dinner outside at our condo on the coast.

Just another view from our condo, that's all.  Thanks for the awesome shots, Kell!

We had views of some amazing sunsets!

Campfire and s'mores on the beach!

A walk on the beach... the caves.

Octopus Tree!

Back in Portland, waiting in the half hour line at Voodoo Doughnut.

Tourist season in Portland at Voodoo Doughnut

 Kelly enjoying a chocolate oreo w/ peanut butter, Pop enjoying the famous maple bacon doughnut, Nicholas an m&m, and I enjoying a plain old jelly!  Christian in the stroller enjoying a glazed, although, I think that is the last time I can give him a glazed without him asking where the m&m's are (he's getting smart!)

Me and the boys at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland.

So proud of Nicholas who hiked a steep 1.25 miles to the top of the falls (2.5 round trip!)  Christian also accompanied all of us (on my back.)

 Me and Kelly after the hike with views of the Gorge.

 Tillamook, Oregon

Happy on the tractor!

 Enjoying the sunshine at Jameson Square back in Portland.

 Sis and I on our way out to dinner.

 Nicholas got to accompany the adults to a late dinner at McMenamins Kennedy School.  A very Portland thing to do, McMenamins is a Portland based chain of pubs/restaurants who make their own microbrews and this particular McMenamins, the Kennedy School, is a historic hotel that was an old school house.  Nicholas asked if he could go out with the adults "all of the time?"  What a special treat it was for him while little bro was home sleeping and what a special treat it was to have Mimi, Pop and Aunt Kelly out for a visit!  We missed them instantly.

Every day fun!
 Climbing the rock wall at REI

 Splashing around in the front yard!

Last Weekend's Camping Trip with the Huts!
 So cute, Nicholas grew up with these girls that we've known since NH and lived in three different states with!  This weekend was no exception to the fun we have with the Huts!

Reading in the camp chairs.



Mimi said...

Wow, what an awesome visit. I enjoyed it tremendously and can't recall another time when I was on the go non-stop. Great time, great companionship! Love you and miss you all.

PS - I'm not gonna eat this....

Kelly McCaffrey said...

Great choice of pics Kell! I keep telling everyone what a nice time I had. :) I miss you and the boys...all 3 of them!

Anonymous said...

You guys were busy busy! Kell's pics are great. So prefessional ;)
xxoo Dana