Sunday, September 30, 2012

Early Fall - 2012

Already October tomorrow?  I thought the fall would slow us down a bit, but so far it hasn't.  We're having a beautiful Indian summer here with no rain.  I might regret saying this come April, May and June but, I'm ready for the Pacific Northwest rainy season to begin!

Our unofficial last weekend of summer, Labor Day weekend, was spent with my good friend Dana and Mike.  Dana' first visit to see us in the Northwest, but hopefully not the last!

No trip is complete with a waterfall hike in the Columbia River Gorge.  

And a trip to the beautiful Oregon Coast!

Nicholas started his final year of preschool before kindergarden this year and he is really enjoying it!  He can count to "infinity" as he likes to say when I pick him up everyday...I think he is going to be a math guy!

 Here is a picture of him on the first day.

 And inside his school garden.

Having an after school treat with this two favorite school friends, Miles and William.

We've also gotten in a couple more camping trips before the cold and rain since the boys just love it so much!
Cool kid camping and eating smores!

 Brrr, trying to keep warm in the tent early morning.

Fishing with views of Mt Hood

Like father, like son!

Other than camping and school we've just been enjoying our time around Portland.  We are really loving it here!
 I thought he was awfully quiet one morning!  Mischievous boy got a box of tissues, shredded them and used them as trash in his trash truck.  Yes, he still loves trash trucks!  At least he's graduated from trash cans!


Morning at the zoo while big brother is at school!

Christian and Hadley riding the rides at Oakes Park in SE Portland!

Keeping daddy company fishing on the Willamette River.

Neighborhood biking crew!

Yes, that's right, Christian is now riding Nicholas' old balance bike and doing so well!

Eating some pbj's in the back of Daddy's truck in Tillamook State Forest.  The boys finally convinced me to come along four wheeling, another favorite activity of their's.  Let's just say we'll leave it as "boy time!"  Haha!  If you can believe it, they have off road vehicle parks...much like ski resorts with marked trails that tell you level of difficulty.  Just like skiing; green = easy, blue = intermediate, black = difficult.  Let's just say I was a buzz kill with my worrying and I'm not sure if my neck enjoyed the jerky ride:)!


Just this past weekend, Nicholas' good friend, India,  had a pirate ballet birthday party.  Coincidentally, Nicholas wanted to be a pirate for Halloween so it worked out perfectly!  The boys love playing dress up on a normal day at home and the first thing they asked to do when they woke this morning was put on their pirate costume!

Hadley, the ballerina, and the pirate brothers dancing at the party!

Nicholas doing well balancing the book on his head during the pirate treasure race!

Fun birthday party with dear friends, they too lived in Kirkland and now live in Portland.  Fun fall so far too, we're going to enjoy another beautiful week here with no rain in the 10 day forecast.  


Mimi said...

Wow, your guys have been very busy. Although, I can't recall a time when you are not. The boys are lucky to have such loving parents. Big hugs to all of you.

Anonymous said...

I made the blog! I made the Blog!Yahoo :) Thanks again to hotel Ranalli for hosting us. We had an enjoyable time exploring Portland with you.Kell, you should be a tour guide in your spare time :)
Next time, I'm going off roading with the boys. Sounds like a fun time. Love you!! xxoo Dana