Thursday, October 23, 2008

9 Months

Nicholas turned 9 months last week. He is such a cutie and it only gets better every day. He started to point to things yesterday, his favorite thing to point to is the ceiling fan, he seems fascinated! We get excited about every new thing, but that is part of what makes it so fun!

His 9 month appointment was on Tuesday. He weighs 18 lbs. and 14 oz and is 28 in. long. Everything else checked out good except that he had pink eye and a fever; now I have pink eye too. Oh, the joys of parenthood! We were in Philly again this weekend for Chris' cousin Pete's wedding. So, my mom had a little party for my brother's birthday on Sunday since he is back in the states again and I happened to be home. I knew Nick had pink eye because he woke up from his nap on Sunday with eye crust, his eyes looked a little pink, and he just wasn't content. When I mentioned that I thought he may have pink eye everyone thought I was being the worry wort that I know sometimes that I can be. Anyway, my intuition turned out to be right even though I wish it hadn't.

Here is a video of Nicholas not so happy after his appointment until Daddy lets him play guitar. You know it must be love for Chris to let him touch his guitar like this!

P.S. wedding pics and b-day party pics to come...


Pam said...

What a big boy!!! I hope you both feel better soon!

Dana said...

Momma always knows best Kell :0)
Hope you guys are better soon. Pink eye ... yuk! ;0(