Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sleepy Head

Poor guy has a stomach bug, aka: SEVERE diarrea. I'll spare the details, but lets just say it has been a MESSY few days. The most awful part is the diaper rash that comes with it. His bottom looks very sore, he is so raw. Nicholas is always a squirmer when he gets his diaper changed but now fights it even more because he associates it with pain. We let him crawl around without a diaper last night for a little while so that he could "air it out." I don't need to tell you the rest of the story, but we learned from that MISTAKE. We have tried two different kinds of pedialite, but he doesn't like either. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I took him to the doc yesterday but it wasn't much help.

So, we didn't leave the house today at all. We stayed in our pj's all day, it was the perfect cold gloomy day to do it. Nicholas really needed the rest, he took two long 2 1/2 hour naps and was still so tired before bed. His long naps gave me plenty of time to sanitize the entire house. I feel so bad, my stomach hurts for him :-( One thing after another since we returned from our trip.

I kept checking in on him during his second nap, he looked so peaceful. He is an official thumb sucker by the way. As of last week he does it all day long.

He was quite happy when he woke after all that sleeping!

That's my update, I hope he feels better soon. Especially for his first Halloween!


Pam said...

Awe ... poor Nicky! I hope he feels better soon!! Let me know what you learn because I'm sure I'll have all the same questions with Max.

Is Nicholas getting dressed up for halloween if he feels better?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Nicholas was so sick. Glad he was feeling much better for Holloween.
I love thumb suckers, had 2 mysel
Aunt Jeanne