Friday, October 31, 2008

Nicholas' First Halloween Festivities

Nicholas has been very festive the entire month of October thanks to the cute outfits by Grammy and Aunt Jeanne. We had a blast on Nicholas' first Halloween! We had lunch with Kim and her two kid's, Malcom and Lauren, and then after lunch we baby sat them. Nicholas loved getting fed his cheerios by Lauren!

We then went to our friends Joanna and Justin's nieghborhood to trick or treat with Nicholas' girlfriend Marley. She was a cute little butterfly. Nicholas tried to web her a few times! Thank you guys for having us over for dinner too, Mexican night was extra delicious! Nicholas got to stay up late on his first Halloween, he actually made it until 8:30, whoohoo!! Maybe he'll even sleep in tommorrow until like 8 am, doubt it :-). He was exhausted at the end of the day and so were Mom and Dad!

It is absolutley amazing how life takes on a new meaning and purpose with Nicholas, I have to say this was my best Halloween yet!

Please watch my slide show. The pictures are mostly from today, but a few are from last week when we went to the Keene Pumpkin Fest and met up with our favorite twins Mason and Sam.
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OH, Nicholas is feeling much better as you can see!


Pam said...

So glad Nicholas is feeling better! Those are some terrific photos! He's soooo cute! I can't wait for him and Max to play in person. I loved the video too. I can't believe how fast he is when he's crawling!

Grammy said...

Glad to see Nicholas is feeling better. It sure looks like he had a fun Halloween;Mom and Dad too.