Sunday, April 5, 2009

Move Update

The move has gone great and I would say we are about 95% settled. We are just waiting for our blinds to come in and other than that, we're dialed. We finally got the Internet turned on! We love it here are are definitely embracing this change with welcome arms. I think it was a change we needed even though we hadn't realized. Nicholas absolutely loves all of the options of things to do and so do I. Chris' job is going well too. Here are a few pictures of our new area, more detailed update soon to come!

St. Patrick's Day at our new place. Nicholas eating meatballs, after all, St. Patrick was Italian too.

Living room shot

This is our night time view of Manhattan. Chris thinks these pictures stink, but it is all I have for now.

Nicholas on our balcony...

City boy taking a nap in the park...

Why can't I make friends that easily?

Nicholas is the indoor play area located inside of our apartment building, how great is that?

Right outside of our building on the promenade located on the Hudson River. There is a marina too which connects us to Liberty State Park.

Obviously, these pictures do not give justice to how great our neighborhood and building are. That's why you have to visit to see for yourself!


Pam said...

Awesome pics!! I'm so glad you're back blogging. I've missed you! :-)

The place looks amazing!! The next time we're back east, we'll have to make a trip to see you.

I may even be going to the NY design office for work sometime ... then I could visit for sure!!

The pics of the Manhattan skyline are great ... and the indoor playroom your apt. has is killer! Nice score!

oh yea .. when did Nicholas get sooo big?? :-)

Anonymous said...

..Think I might just have to take you up on the visit. I mean you are SOOOO close now :-) Dana

Karin said...

Kelly, what a beautiful place! These are great pictures. I am so glad that things are going well for you & Chris. Robert started a new job in FL yesterday, so we're on the move too. It helps to hear that it was a good move for you because I am so nervous and stressed. Oh, I love the indoor gym for Nicholas to play in. I think that (along with the beautiful views) would have sold me on the place! Good luck!