Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop-pop!!!

We celebrated Pop-pop's birthday today despite it actually being on January 10th. We were so excited to pick Pop-pop and Mom-mom up at the airport this afternoon, we were suppose to celebrate on Sunday but had to postpone by a few days because of a bug Pop-pop and Mom-mom caught. We're happy they are feeling better and that they are here with us now. We are going to have a fun week showing them our new city! I couldn't ask for a better father-in-law and grandfather for my son. I know the new baby will feel just as blessed as all of us to have such a great man in our lives! We love you! Here are some pictures from our birthday dinner for Pop-pop tonight...

Happy Birthday Pop-pop, can I help blow out the candles!?


The boys!

Family shot!

How does Nicholas end up getting gifts on Pop-pop's birthday? Thank you for making me new cars Pop-pop, I love the new design!

I'm sure Nicholas will get more gifts in a few days on his 2nd birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see you have company :) I bet it feels good!!! xoxo Dana