Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom's Visit

We had a blast and sad to say this is there last night here :(. Can't wait to see them again soon. Here are some pictures from their visit. We did a lot of fun things... Nicholas got to do lots and lots of cooking with Mom-Mom, visits to the Seattle Aquarium, the Boeing Museum of Flight, Pikes Place Market and more!

I'm so happy!

Out to lunch with Daddy, I'm looking at his blackberry with him.

Fish at the Aquarium!

and Pop-pop and Mom-mom picking up fish for dinner at Pikes Market.

The Moon buggy!

Whoa, walking across the space craft!!!

The fighter jet!

Reaching so high for the airplanes above!

All of us in front of the Blue Angels plane.

Look at me, I'm flying!

In the airplane watching a video with Mommy!

My favorite picture ever!

Being silly...

and having fun!

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