Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nicholas is TWO!!!

Such a sentimental day as Nicholas turned two this past Sunday. Time has gone by so quickly these past two years, yet it seems like another life time that our world existed with out him in it. He is our sunshine!

We had a small birthday brunch and invited our friends that we have known since NH. They have two beautiful daughter's Ruby and Tessa. Nicholas loves singing happy birthday and especially loved that we all sang it to him that day! A perfect day to celebrate a joyous day! Big boy is two, can't beleive it!
Today is MY birthday!

Mommy's special boy all grown up!

Playdo time with my friends!

Cake time! Happy Birthday to me!

Wow! Thanks Ruby and Tessa, a new truck!

Pop-pop made me a very cool new toy, a scoop truck!

Family Shot with Daddy's new tripod!

I'm getting sleepy...I need to lay down to play.

Maybe I'll be an artist?

I needed to sing happy birthday twice, once after dinner too!

Poor Nicholas had to bake his own cake and wash the dishes the night before his birthday. Does he get an allowance yet?

Since many have been asking...here I am, belly shot at 33 weeks.


Little mouse said...

Happy Birthday to Nicholas !

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Nick is 2 going on 5. He looks so much older in these pics. Ummm, Kell...dishes already ?? :) You are so mean! ha ha. Cute..keep em coming! Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

ps: that was Dana.... my computer never let's me choose an identity!
xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo

asilgabriele said...

Amazing! Nicholas has grown so much just in the past few months. You guys look so happy. Love the house and the new hair-do ;)