Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

For those of you who know Chris know that it is no exageration when I say Chris is the best father EVER!!! And those of you who know Nicholas know that he is a daddy's boy, I am chopped liver when Chris is around! How did I get so lucky to find a man like him with such a big heart?? Nicholas and Christian are so blessed to have a father who loves them so unconditonally and who is clearly devoted to all aspects of their lives. Do you know what Chris did today on Father's Day? He took Nicholas fishing (in the rain), something he had been waiting to do since the day Nicholas was born. They both had such a good time! I can't imagine being a parent without Chris, he is my partner and I love him!

To Pop-Pop, Pop, Grandpop and all of the other positive male figures in our life--thank you! I know it will make such a big difference in Nicholas' and Chrisitan's life, just as it did in ours!

Daddy loves to read with the boys!

Daddy will spend hours rocking, singing and cuddling!

Daddy and Nicholas at swim class on Saturday mornings.

Look at the love and trust in Nicholas' eyes.

Of course, Nicholas want to be just like Daddy. Nicholas learning about the salmon run in the Puget Sound. He is going to be a fisherman just like Daddy one day.

Nicholas loves wearing Daddy's hat, he will spend countless hours talking about Daddy's truck and will now pick out a Toyota Tacoma on the street and tell me it's like Daddy's truck. He tells me "Daddy is the strongest and the best." (He gets that from Thomas the Train; Gordon is the strongest and the best.) He tell me his favorite color is red just like Daddy (even though it is not, everything has to be "just like Daddy"). He loves wearing Chris' work badge and saying, "I'm a working man!" I can go on forever!

Daddy's boy in training!


Anonymous said...

Great idea putting our future surfer in swim classes! just like Daddy remember ;) xoxo Dana

Pam said...

LOVE it! We are so blessed to have such wonderful dads for our boys! I love reading your blog and staying connected. Miss and love you tons. Can't wait to see you in Aug.

Mimi said...

I agree, Chris, is a terrific father. Hope you had a nice Father's Day Chris. PS - love the photo's