Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun In Seattle

I have been meaning to post some of these pictures since before Christian was born, but I will start with the most recent. We have been having a blast here is Seattle. Some of our most memorable moments are the simple ones, mostly spent outdoors; rain or shine as you have to do is Seattle! Luckily, the weather has been beautiful lately. Our summer arrived late, but it is here and there is no rain in site! Our 4th of July was chilly and gray but everyone here says our summers do not start until July 5th, and sure enough the is exactly what happened! I'm so thankful that I have made new friends, through my kids of course; otherwise I think I would be a hermit! But, we are also fortunate to have some old friends here too that we knew from NH, Nicholas just loves Ruby and Tessa!

We have had lots of visitors this summer and a very busy month of August. My mom just left yesterday and we have some friends and more family coming at the end of the month!

Nicholas gets his face painted at the aquarium with Mimi. He picked the design, "SHARK!!" (one of his favorite things at the moment!)

Mimi in the back yard with the boys!

We got Nicholas a scooter this summer and he does great!

Out to lunch after Nicholas' first successful haircut EVER, he sat still and didn't cry!!!! Proud moment for us, becoming such a big big boy!

Every Wednesday we go to our local farmers market to get fresh local produce and grab dinner, the bonus is that it is right on the water of Lake Washington!

The babies at Nicholas' friend Roman's house. His mom and I met at a park while we were both pregnant and have become good friends!
Nicholas and Roman, action shot!

4th of July Parade
With his friend India...I met his mom in the hospital w/ Christian, our babies share the same birthday!
Wednesday Play Group
Ring a round the rosie...
Ashes, ashes we all fall down!

Pop-pop and Mom-mom's visit
Funny fake back drop picture on our way up to the Space Needle.

Monkey Boy at the zoo
Mom-mom's birthday! We were so happy to get to spend her day with her this year. We all went out to a nice dinner and then Nicholas' favorite part, a cupcake shop for a sweet birthday treat, singing and a candle. Happy birthday again Mom-mom, you are the cherry on top; the creme de la creme of grandmom's (and mother in-laws!!)

Nicholas LOVES the Boeing Museum of Flight and luckily Mom-mom and Pop-pop take him every time they come out.

Pony ride at a friends birthday party!

Riding the Seattle Ducks, Nicholas loved the quacker he got to blow the whole time.

We spent my birthday this year at the zoo!
Quiet birthday dinner at home with the 4 of us...

Fun at the Strawberry Festival
Wee, down the BIG slide with Daddy!

Nicholas and Ruby at the Wednesday Farmers Market hanging out by the water eating pizza and fresh summer fruit!

So lucky we get to meet Chris for lunch once or twice a week. Me and Christian at Nicholas' favorite week day spot to meet daddy, Red Robin!

Without exageration, the happiest baby around!

Nicholas with his blankie!

Chris and Nicholas at a local carnival

Big helper!

Nicholas at the May Day Festival with his Friday play group at Three Cedars Waldorf School

Seattle Winter and Early Spring
Ruby and Nicholas at a nearby park...

At our neighborhood playground

Nicholas having fun painting his own face at the children's museum.

Nicholas LOVES his trains!

Our Picasso

Picasso needs a bath!

A warm sunny winter day at our local park/playground on the lake...a week or so before Christian was born.

Still loves to play outside on the cold rainy days too! Luckily, our school play group goes outside rain or shine!

Hanging out front is one of our favorite pass times!
Make a wish!!!!


Swim class video of a free/fun day practicing their jumps. Nicholas has become such a good swimmer and can swim 3-4 unassisted and retrieve a toy from the bottom of the pool!


Nicholas' first ever scooter ride, not bad for his first time!

At the end of the day I am so thankful for our family and our health!

Ranalli Family ~ June, 2010

Most of all, I am so glad that at the end of the day I have Chris by my side (awww, I know, ridiculously cheesy!)Chris and I heading out for a much needed and well deserved date night this past weekend!

Chris and I enjoying our back yard with some libations after the kids are in bed on a long summer day!

Now that I'm completely caught up, I should be up and running again on the blog! Check back soon!


Pam said...

these are AWESOME! I sooo can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

Mimi said...

Yeah, I really enjoyed the update and pics.

Anonymous said...

You have such a cute life Kelly. I love this blog. It makes me feel connected :) I miss you!!! Can't wait to meet Christian. xoxo Dana