Monday, September 6, 2010

More of Summer ~ 2010

Well, I cant believe it's Labor Day already. The summer has really flown by. It seems like just
yesterday was Memorial Day. This summer was so much fun. Having two keeps me very busy!
I realized today that I needed to post some more pictures before the summer is officially gone in a few weeks!

We spent a day on the Puget Sound a few weeks ago with our friends. The Puget Sound is what connects Lake Washington to the Pacific Ocean. It was amazingly beautiful and we got to see more natural marine life than at the Aquarium. These pictures were taken by my friend, but I wish that I had remembered to bring my camera. Hundreds of the most gigantic starfish I have ever seen; purple and orange ones! Huge anemones, we were too scared to touch and lots of big crabs. Only in the Pacific Northwest will you see our little ones dressed in boots and sweatshirts while others kids were in bathing suits swimming in the water. The Puget Sound, in my opinion, is too cold to swim in with water temperatures in the high 50's. Thank goodness for the lakes, they are much warmer for swimming!
Nicholas and his buddies gazing out into the Sound.

On our way to check out the starfish under the ferry docks!

We've also had lots of time to check out cool playgrounds and parks!
Nicholas and India on the see-saw.

and enjoying a hike on a near by nature trail!

We spent many warm summer days swimming in the pool in our backyard. One day it was so hot that Chris and I joined in the fun and got in too!
King of the pool!

Cutie pie laying in the shade!

and taking a quick dip!

We have so many fantastic lake beaches to choose from around here, all within a 10 minute drive. Few houses have air conditioning around here because it only reaches the 90's maybe two weeks out of the summer, so everyone flooded the beach on Lake Sammamish on this one hot summer day.

Coincidentally, we ran into our neighbors so Nicholas played with them in the sand and ate lunch with them under their big beach tent. Nicholas was such a gentleman sharing our watermelon with all of the girls!

Another warm day swimming in Lake Washington.

with his buddy Hudson, after a mommy stroller work out along the lake.

He has already started climbing trees like his favorite monkey, George. (yes, that is his new favorite, almost trumping Thomas!)

Great-Grandmom and Grandpop McFadden's visit.
We had such a fantastic time when my dad and grandmom came to visit us for a week. I am blessed to see my children spending time with their Great-Grandmother because it brought back so many memories of all of the fun times I shared with her when I was a little girl. I miss them both so much already and can't wait for their next visit!
Having fun throwing rocks into the water on Lake Washington.

Grandpop Bob and Nicholas watching the boats.

Our day at the zoo!

My dad carried Christian around the entire zoo that day.

Chilly afternoon at our downtown waterfront.

Me and the boys at the park down the street from our house.

Nicholas playing in the park pushing a truck while his brother got to socialize with some other babies. Hmm, is he a little grumpy because not all of the attention is on him?!

Christian holding hands, that's him in the plaid jumper!

We try to give Christian as much one on one time as possible which can sometimes prove challenging since Nicholas is so demanding of our attention lately. Sometimes he gets bath time with Mommy...(he is a natural back floater!)

...and other times he gets snuggle time with Daddy!

I just wish he would stay this little forever...

But I know that he won't! Big boy started rice cereal this past week!

We also had a great weekend visit with our friends, the Rowell family from Sandpoint, Idaho. To see pictures of our fun weekend together click on the link below:


Mimi said...

It looks like you are all having a lot of fun. And, Christian, wow, he is getting so big. Love you all.

Pam said...

Love the new blog layout; it's great! Miss and love you!!