Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Christian is 6 Months Old!!!

Christian turned 6 months old yesterday! Today we had his wellness visit at the doctors office. Everything is great, he continues to follow the same growth pattern of long and lean. He is 14 lbs and 11 oz (10th percentile) and is 28 3/4 inches (off the chart, 99 percentile and above for height). I looked at Nicholas' 6 month information and Christian is 1 1/2 ponds lighter than Nicholas was and two inches taller than Nicholas was at 6 months. Wow!!! What a difference! Christian is nearly half of my body height!

He is adorable and happy as can be! He is eating solid foods now and loves carrots, sweet potatoes, avocado and pears. He has no teeth as of yet, although one week I thought for sure he was going to get one, he was so cranky and waking up a bunch at night, I even thought that I felt something but it must have been in my own sleepless imagination! Anything and everything that he can get his hands on goes in his mouth. He cracks up at everything, but mostly at his big brother. He has his own way of making his way from one side of the room to the other via rolling. He sits up on his own for a few minutes before eventually toppling over. We love each new day with Christian here and can hardly believe 6 months has passed! I can't believe he is half way to one, it seems unimaginable that in another 6 months he will be walking around!

P.S. I got a new camera, aren't the images great?!!

Happy, happy playing in his exersaucer!

gnawing at his fingers

sitting up, but on his way down

doing the super-man on his belly

pure joy!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the pics were so awesome?! Great camera!! Christian is freaken cute. I can not wait to meet him on Sunday. So excited. Did you teach him the superman pose? lol-yoga mom! xoxo Dana

Mimi said...

Pure joy is a great description of Christian...what a happy baby. Can't wait to see all of you. Love and kisses. Mimi