Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Growing Up!!!

Nicholas sure has been making some major changes lately! He is becoming so independent and often tells us he wants to do things all by himself. He is now in the "why?" stage, and can often ask it up to 50 times in a single conversation regardless of your answer. Sometimes cute, sometimes annoying! He is a nosey body and if we are having an adult conversation he often asks "what are you talking about guys?" And he is also very curious often asking "What does that mean?"

But the biggest change is that he wears big boy underwear!!!! He is officially potty trained. I can really take no credit, as I think Nicholas was just completely ready. He threw out his diapers nearly two weeks ago (I went and pulled them out to save them for Christian) and I can count how many accidents he has had on one hand. It has been much easier than I thought, but only because I think I waited for his perfect time! We will see how it goes as we travel this coming week! We are so proud of him! I know he will kill me in later years for posting the pictures below!

Underwear model

so proud of himself!

His pediatrician said at his 2 year visit that sometime between the 2nd and 3rd year they go from not liking stranger attention to reveling in it. Well, I think it is certainly true in Nicholas' case. Today he fell while playing and said he needed to go to the doctor, a year ago he would have cried at the idea of visiting a doctor. He also got his haircut this past weekend and sat perfectly still again; it use to be a nightmare taking him for a haircut.

He had his first dentist appointment and he was so good! He got a full cleaning and opened nice and wide the entire time. He got to play with new toys, watch a movie on the ceiling and get his "teeth tickled", he was in heaven! He even walked out of there saying, "I had fun!"

say aahhhhh!

I'm loving this new stage, but I am also secretly sad that he isn't so dependent on us any more. His quest for independence can also lead to some stubborn behavior sometimes which clearly tests my patience but I wouldn't change being a mother of a two year old for the world!


Erin said...

One of India's favorite questions to us is "what are you talking about guys" too!

Mimi said...

Wow, where does the time go....He is such a big boy!Enjoy this next chapter of your life togeter.

Pam said...

ok, the big boy undies are killing me!! SOOOO dang cute!! I hope our potty training goes so well.

You got me thinking about the dentist now too. Although, Max does a terrible job brushing. He's mostly interested in sucking on the toothbrush. I got a spin brush, and that seems to help.

Great stories! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Somebody call Calvin Klein!! lol
xoxo, Dana