Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nicholas' First Field Trip!

Nicholas started preschool in September. He goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:10 - 11:20 (funny start and end time!) He seems to be doing great! I think I have a harder time with it them him, just not knowing what my boy does for two whole hours without me! The last time I dropped him off he said, "OK, bye Mommy!" (In other words; go mommy, you're lingering too long.) This past week Nicholas had his first field trip to Jubilee Farm in Carnation, WA. It was in the mountains east of us and took about 35 minutes to get to. It was so much fun to see how much the preschoolers enjoyed the animals, tractors ride, and pumpkin patch!

Classmates: Bodhi, Roman, and Izzie

Me, Christian and Nicholas. Christian is going to wonder what I was thinking one day when he sees himself wearing a pink bunting suit! I left mine right by the front door, forgetting to grab it as we headed out the door. I'm so thankful I could borrow one, regardless of color, because at least he was warm in the chilly mountains! He was dead asleep in this picture!

Nicholas pondering which pumpkin to pick.

The kids favorite attraction, the tractor ride!


Mimi said...

Awe, time goes by so quickly doesn't it Kelly.

Anonymous said...

It takes a real man to wear pink :)
xoxo Dana