Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween WEEK!!!

Yes, that's right! I said Halloween week! I guess when the kids get to a certain age every holiday becomes a week full of festivities. Here is a picture of our fun week! Boy, kids really get you back into the spirit of a holiday!

Painting a pumpkin day!

So proud of his work!

Skeleton boy at his tyke yoga class.

Ahh, Zen!

Daddy attended this special Halloween yoga class. Nicholas is getting wrapped like a burrito by Daddy!

Christian looking cute in his skull pj's!

Nicholas getting a pre-Halloween treat!

Pumpkin carving day, Nicholas did not like the slimy feeling of the inside of a pumpkin.

He likes it better when Daddy takes over!

And the finished jack-o-lantern!

Halloween morning, so excited!

The skeleton and giraffe!

Tessa, the Owl; Ruby, the Peacock; Christian, the giraffe; and Nicholas the skeleton trick or treating at Whole Foods for some healthy(ier) treats.

and later Halloween night trick or treating in the neighborhood!

Christian began to crawl about a week ago and a few days later he began to pull himself to stand along furniture. Wow, he is growing up too quickly! Slow down, I want to hold on to a baby forever!

Here is a video of him crawling today. You can hear Mimi reading Nicholas a book in the background!

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Anonymous said...

A week of Halloween, shoot can't beat that! I love Halloweeen. Looks like you guys had fun :-) BOOOOO!
xoxo Dana