Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running in the Blood

A few weeks ago Nicholas participated in his 1st race. Anyone who knows Nicholas knows that he loves to run so I thought it would be perfect for him! It was a 1k kids run at the Salmon Days festival. Well, maybe a 1k was a little too ambitious for his first race, a 100 yard dash probably would have been more appropriate! He started out running as though it was a 100 yard dash, fell, cried, got carried, walked, but we finished out the race running again. Overall, it was a fun experience.

Pre-race snack

Nicholas' friend Kayda participated as well!

Ready, set, go... Nicholas started the race sprinting like a mad man.

Finishing strong...

Getting ready to cross the finish line!

Nicholas loves getting fed by his girlfriends!

Hurray! We did it!

Bonus: Train ride at the festival after the run!

And the shuttle back to the car!

Who knows, maybe Nicholas will be a national record holding, all star runner like his Uncle Christian!!! (Shameless plug to my brother, whom I love so much :)!) I think Nicholas was so into doing the race because he and Christian spent a great deal of time in the stroller with me this summer as I trained for a 10k run that I participated in this past September. His famous line to me was always, "run faster Mommy!"

After the Iron Girl 10k with my training partner, Erin.

Erin's daughter and Nicholas' friend, India, came to cheer us on that day. Her sign says "Go Mommy" and she put an extra circle at the bottom for me!

On a side note, I can't believe Christian turned 7 months last week! He is doing the little army crawl and occasionally getting up to his hands and knees. He has also slept through the night the past week, let's hope he keeps it up!

He just LOVES watching his brother and Nicholas loves the attention, it's really cute!


Mimi said...

Way to go running man! I really love the blog Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Go Nicholas and Kelly :-) Run Forest, RUN! :-) xoxo Dana