Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmastime ~ 2010

We had a wonderful and busy holiday season. Kids really make the season magical again, anyone who has lost the Christmas spirit just needs to hang around some kids to get it back! I would say this is the first year Nicholas really "got" it. Sure, last year he knew who Santa was and pointed him out by name, but I really think this was the first year he grasped the whole concept! It made it easy to bribe him with Santa, I wish I had something that powerful to use now:) He was so excited to take part in all of the holiday festivities, such as going to the Christmas tree farm, decorating the tree, picking out an ornament for himself this year, going on cookie decorating and gingerbread man making play dates. It was for sure a lot of fun! Christian is such a good baby and was joyfully going a long for the ride!

At the tree farm!
Ruby and Tessa have become Nicholas' surrogate cousins! Looks like these kids are Patagonia models. I guess that's what happens when your dad's work in the industry.

Family shot in front of this years tree!

Stockings are up and Christian is waving hi!

Nicholas was really into decorating the Christmas tree this year.

We let him pick out his own ornament this year at a Christmas shop...

and what do you know, it was a shiny red truck!

Uncle Christian came to visit in December for work and play! It was so nice to get to spend time with him!

What a treat for me, Christian and I took a mini weekend get away to Suncadia, about 90 minutes East of Seattle for a cross country skiing/spa trip. It was exactly what I needed to recharge my battery before the crazy holiday season!

Hanging out on Lake Washington before brunch!

Cookie decorating play date.

Concentrating on what he should do next.

And, on another day, a gingerbread man making play date.

Here is Nicholas' gingerbread man. We saved it until Christmas Eve night where we left it by the chimney with a glass of milk for Santa!

The babies having their own fun! Love their drooling faces!

Nicholas feeding Santa's reindeer apples at the Reindeer Festival

and sitting on Santa's sleigh!

Story time, hearing How The Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time. He was enthralled!

Christmas was a success this year! The boys loved all of the gifts and there was the perfect amount! Nicholas was so excited to come down stairs and see his new play kitchen. He played with this for a good 20 minutes before we even went over to the tree.

Eating breakfast from his new kitchen.

He made it to the tree and was so excited!

and Christian wondering what the heck is going on.

one of Nicholas' favorite gifts, the 2010 Hess Truck!

Christian crawling thru his favorite gift!

Mommy and her two boys!

Mommy and her three boys!

Enjoying his first Christmas...

all day long!

The Ranalli boys!

Mimi and the boys!

Day after Xmas, Mimi and Christian practicing his free standing.

Pop and Mimi at Pike's Market.

At the Boeing Museum of Flight

Pop and Christian in the airplane hanger.

"Wow, I'm flying!"

At the Botanical Garden Light Show, very cool!

On top of our busy month, Chris got foot surgery a few days after Christmas and is still recovering; AND Christian fell and bumped his head right on his brow bone. We took him to the Children's ER. He got his induction into the boys club a little early!

He was such a trooper!

Poor guy! Luckily, they only had to glue him and clean it up! It is still healing and hopefully will not leave a scar.


Here is Nicholas just waking up on Christmas morning as he was looking down to see if Santa had been there yet. It looks dark, but it was actually 7 AM.

Here is video of Christian dancing. He LOVES to dance, much more so than Nicholas. Any time he hears music he starts bopping! He seems very musical, as he also bangs Nicholas' xylophone and drum more so than Nicholas ever did! So funny how each kid is so different!


Mimi said...

Magical memories. Pop and I were so lucky to be able to spend Christmas week with you. Miss you all. Love, Mimi

Pam said...

AWESOME update! I love it. Sooo miss you guys. Can't wait to see you again. How is Chris feeling? Love you!