Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pop-pop's Birthday and Mom-Mom and Pop-pop's Visit

We enjoyed a nice visit with Mom-mom and Pop-pop. We got to help celebrate Pop-pop's birthday with him as his birthday and Nicholas' are exactly a week a part. What fun we had with them! And how lucky we are to have such a selfless, giving, and caring father, father in-law and grandfather!

Singing happy birthday to Pop-pop!

Mom-mom in front of the dinosaur at Nicholas' newest favorite Seattle attraction, the Pacific Science Center!

Pop-pop with Christian at the museum.

"Look Mom-mom and Pop-pop, I can build really big towers!"

Christian changes so much each time they see him! Can't wait to see the changes when they come out for his first birthday in March!

Pop takes our family shot

Snuggles with Mom-mom!

Brother love

Wright Brothers at the Museum of Flight

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