Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nicholas is Three!!!

Nicholas turned three on the 17th of January. I just can't believe my baby is gone, my toddler is gone, and my preschooler is here! Times passes by so quickly! Nicholas certianly enjoyed his birthday festivities. Starting with a visit from Mom-Mom and Pop-pop and ending with a birthday party with friends. Nicholas thought it was pretty neat that the focus was on him. He kept on saying, "I got birthday suprises and Christian didn't!" He's in for a real wake up when Christian's first birthday approaches in just two months!

While Nicholas still enjoys Thomas the Train, I wouldn't say it was his favorite any more. He has normal boy progression of fire trucks, rocket ships, jets and dinosaurs! But still loves anything with wheels! If he is allowed to watch TV, he will usually request Curious George and loves George books too! He still loves to read and could probably spend countless hours having me or Chris read to him, but one of his new favorite things to do is to listen to made up stories or to tell us stories. He starts by saying..."Let me tell you a story...", it can actually get quite creative. When he asks that I tell him a story his favorite character is always a boy named Nicholas! He loves hearing stories about himself even if it is just relaying the story of our day, as often times it is since sometimes my brain is fried and I can't think of anything else to talk about in my story! This is such a fun age for all of us, but it is not without challenges! I would say that Nicholas is also a normal three year old who demonstartes a strong will to do it all on his own, at the same time a certain clinginess to mommy, and the most stubborn will imaginable!

He is a very funny boy and is always talking. I can't believe I already have a back seat driver at three years old, I wonder where he gets that from? I know a particular someone who always tells me how to drive! Our conversation went something like this the other day:

Nicholas: "Mommy, hold the steering wheel with two hands!" (I was guilty of driving one handed!)
Me: "OK, thanks Nicholas."
Nicholas: "Mommy, slow down and keep us safe." (I was driving the seed limit!)
Me: "OK, I will."
Nicholas as we are at a red light: "It's green Mommy, green means go!"
Me: "Nicholas, lets play a game called how long can we keep quite without speaking."
Nicholas: "Why?"

His three year check up was very cute! He and the doctor were chatting it up, talking about the things he can do, the bed he sleeps in, the bike he got for his birthday. The doctor said he communicates like a 5 year old! The best part for me was when she was looking into his ears, she asked him to turn his head and look at mommy, and he said "I love you mommy!" What a sweet boy (sometimes!) He is now 33 pounds (50th %) and 381/2 inches (75th %).

Three yeas ago our little boy was born and changed our lives more than we ever thought possible! It has been the best three years of my life and I feel like I am such a better person because of him. He has taught me about patience, respect, the value of free time, but most of all he has taught me about the truest form of unconditional love. Happy birthday Nicholas, I love the boy that you have become and I can't wait to see the changes and growth this year brings!
We had a quite morning of cake and presents at home on the day of Nicholas birthday.

Nicholas licking the cake of of his new train, Spencer. I used him as the cake topper.

Birthday dinner night at Red Robin. Nicholas was delighted that they sung happy birthday to him and that he got a birthday sundae!

Since Nicholas enjoyed his tyke yoga class so much in the fall, we did a yoga birthday party. Here we are, slithering and hissing like snakes!

Even the Dad's did the yoga class! Chris, unfortunately could not as his foot it still healing.

Nicholas' favorite, roaring like a lion!

Tree pose

Followed by a pizza party lunch within walking distance of the yoga studio! The kids got to watch them make pizza through the viewing station.

The Dad's conversing

Nicholas really enjoyed his cake and all of the attention from family and friends! What a great birthday, thanks to everyone who made it special!


Mimi said...

WOW 3 years old! Nicholas, it has been so much fun watching you grow. I love you so much....

Anonymous said...

3 already! Happy belated Nicholas! XOXO Lisa

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for these pics to be posted :) Happy Bday Nicholas! I love the one with Cake all over his face. I love the yoga birthday too. Great Idea!!! Love ya'! xoxo Dana

Pam said...

Sooo wonderful! Happy Birthday Nicholas. We love and miss you!

Pam, Tommy and Max.