Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Light Savings

As a friend said today, "I think time change was designed to torture parents with small children." While most people are excited to gain an extra hour, I always know that my kids will not take advantage:). I know it is suppose to create shorter days, so why did today seem so loooong?

Early wake up + haircuts + a trip into the city = sleepy boys.

Yes, Christian got his first haircut today. He did great, quite a difference from the tears Nicholas shed at this age. But, it was sort of sad. He was just starting to get some curls in the back and I thought it looked so cute. We decided to go for it, since someone subtly told us people were going to start commenting on how pretty "she" was. I do have to admit, he does look like quite the handsome boy now with his new haircut!


Mimi said...

Awe, those curls were so cute. Glad he behaved for you. And, the photo's of the boys napping is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to celebrate with Mimi:) I love kids and birthdays. They really do make it fun! xoxo Dana